Wings TZ0104 Hair Retexture Naturals + Unnaturals at Shimydim Sims

CREATED BY Shimydim Sims

SKU: SC4-305104-SBT Category:

Shimydim Sims – Hairstyles : Wings TZ0104 Hair Retexture Naturals + Unnaturals

Available for download at Shimydim Sims


  1. asylumchild

    I’m sorry but I’m not paying you $5 a month for stuff. I know that it takes work and talent to make things like this, but you don’t work for EA nor are you on the Sims team; therefore, your work would be in the realm of “fan art”. Also, the whole “please consider disabling your ad blocker” crap isn’t going to fly either. If you don’t want us using ad blockers, please consider monetizing your sites with safe ads that do not contain potentially harmful scripts and/or virus and malware. thank you.

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