Sims 4 Karinderya by the Beach

by 9thQueen

Great little home with a bar attached. Or is it a bar with a home attached? Only your Sims will know! Karinderya by the Beach.
Cook Cook anything then sell it!

Packs I Used:
– Island Living
– Get Famous
– Seasons
– Cats AND Dogs
– City Living
– Get Together
– Get To Work
– StrangerVille
– Jungle Adventure
– Parenthood
– Vampires
– Dine Out
– Spa Day
– My First Pet Stuff
– Laundry Day Stuff
– Toddler Stuff
– Fitness Stuff
– Romantic Garden Stuff

Lot Details :
– 40×30
– 19,592

Available to download for free at The Sims Resource


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