S-Club WMLL thesims4 HS skintones I


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S-Club WMLL thesims4 HS skintones I for The Sims 4

by S-Club

First skintones(anatomically correct skins) for you, we work for nealy one month and a half, day and night, little by little finally we had done this first skintone.
The ts4 skintone is totally different from ts3, don’t know how to say, but just OMG…when we do the skin, we met just so many problem, like how to change color
with this HS(high shine), don’t remembre how many times we edit the skintone textures, alpha texture(alpha texture is just very very important and complex for sims4, it can influence a lot of thing, ex: when we nearly finish this skintone, we just found it influence the accesoire texutre?! Unbelievable!), and also this, also that, also…etc…etc…Bref, never mind.

This skintone adapt for all age, from child to elder, with light version and dark version, you can find them in face detail, and they are all recolorable.

Enjoy with it!

Creator Notes

This skintone has been updated on October 1st. Correction for the tongue and for use with tattoos and gloves.

ID: SC4-100178

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