VTK’s Sims 4 AM Werewolf Christian Ferro & The Alpha Male Werewolf Costume



Published August 5, 2022


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What’s up, Everyone!

I’m currently creating a full body werewolf costume.

I’m still working on the costume, but the character is ready and free to download with the unfinished costume

It has glitches in the arms and head as I have to adjust the costume some more, but I will have the final version ready soon!


The character’s name is Christian Ferro.

He’s an alpha male werewolf and is very strong.

Not to mention, he’s larger than any other werewolf.


He’s mean, hotheaded, and self-assured.

He wants to be public enemy and the boss of a criminal organization. 

He has already achieved this and is leveled up to apex

He’s not from Moonwood Mill, but from another distant land.

Since his youth, all he ever wanted was to be the leader of a pack and be respected by his pack

Well, now that he’s discovered the pack living in Moonwood Mill, his mind is set on overthrowing the leaders and destroying anything and anybody that tries to get in his way.

His goal is to defeat all pack leaders and consolidate all werewolves under his leadership.

See Sims 4 Werewolf, Christian Ferro’s Battle Compilation Video: https://youtu.be/PNdwgFHOufE 

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