Modern Colonial House

CREATED BY galadrijella2


Published October 29, 2017


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The Sims 4 Modern Colonial House

Fully Furnished Residential Lot (40×30) designed by galadrijella2

Available at The Sims Resource

This house is in colonial style on the outside and it’s quite modern on the inside. It has 2 bedrooms and even spacious office. It also has stunning backyard, complete with pool and little pond. If you wanna relax in the evening, gazebo with comfy sofas is ready for you.

Creator Notes

EP/SP/GP Requirements:

Get Together
Dine Out
Get to Work
Spa Day
City Living
Cool Kitchen Stuff
Romantic Garden
Outdoor Retreat
Backyard Stuff
Perfect Patio
Vintage Glamour
Movie Hangout
Luxury Party Stuff
Movie Hangout
Kids Room
Holiday Celebration
Spooky Stuff
Bowling Night Stuff


*Your game must be fully updated*

You have to activate the following cheats before placing it:

  • Use of custom content: No custom content used for this creation
  • Value: 161823
  • Furnished: Fully
  • Decorated: Throughout
  • Bedrooms: 2
  • Bathrooms: 2
  • Stories: 1
  • Lot Size: 40×30
  • ID: SC4-132671


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