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Published March 21, 2018


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The largest property in Brindleton Bay and the most expensive house available in Brindleton Bay, equiped with high-end facilities. Can fit any amount of family. Nevertheless this house has beautiful view, where the guesses can see the beautiful beach directly from their room!

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  1. Prophedeus

    This is a masterpiece. very well done lovin it.

  2. Ari

    I Finally found what i need all in one place… thanks!!

  3. Sky

    You forgot the stairs for the second floor

  4. Mich Gol

    sooo do i have to build it myself

  5. Sims 4

    How do you download the file to format with the Sims 4?

  6. Alex

    great , plenty of space , just missing the stairs for upper levels but easy fix , also some wasted space in the first basement added a dance floor/movie theater w/bath with huge sectional and another bedroom with jacuzzi bathroom , private sleeping quarters and a rec room , screenshot for reference to final design

  7. raja

    eyy anyone know how to add stairs because idk how pleasee

  8. Tatyana

    i cant find the house….where do i go to find it? i checked my gallery already

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