Last Stand Cemetery

CREATED BY Brasil Royale

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Hello 🙂 I hope you enjoy this lot. Thank you for giving it a try. Take care | MV.
“Olá 🙂 Espero que goste deste lote. Obrigado por usá-lo. Se cuida | MV.”

by Brasil Royale,
Instagram: @brasilroyalegames
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Last Stand Cemetery
Residential lot 20×15
No CC (custom content) used


*Get Together
*Get to Work
*Jungle Adventure
*Dine Out
*Spa Day
*Outdoor Retreat

*Romantic Garden Stuff
*Movie Hangout Stuff
*Spooky Stuff
*Cool Kitchen Stuff
*Perfect Patio Stuff

My installed expansions and stuff (NOT required):
Expansion Packs:
Island Living, Get Famous, Seasons, Cats & Dogs, City Living, Get Together, Get to Work

Game Packs:
Realm of Magic, StrangerVille, Jungle Adventure, Parenthood, Vampires, Dine Out, Spa Day, Outdoor Retreat

Stuff Packs:
Moschino, My First Pet, Laundry Day, Toddler, Vintage, Bowling Night, Vintage Glamour, Backyard, Kids Room, Romantic Garden, Movie Hangout, Spooky, Cool Kitchen, Perfect Patio, Luxury Party

Free Stuff:
Holiday Celebration Pack, Grim’s Ghoulish Guitar

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