Stealthic – Persephone (Female Hair)

CREATED BY Stealthic

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Stealthic – Persephone (Female Hair) for The Sims 4

Women’s Hairstyle by Stealthic

Available at The Sims Resource

-Low Poly
-Compatible with hats
-18 Colors
-All LODs
-Teen through elder
-Smooth weighting

Enjoy! Check creator notes if you’re having issues.

Creator Notes

Make sure you aren’t in laptop mode and make sure your graphics are at a high setting. Also make sure you are updated to the latest sims version, (which can’t be done with pirated games), or it won’t show in game.

This hairstyle includes a separately rendered mesh to help with transparency issues, which isn’t included in the base polycount.

Outfit by Toksik.

ID: SC4-100097


  1. richard

    what is the shirt called used in the thubnail?

  2. richard

    thumbnail picture*

  3. geminienthusiast

    Didn’t work for me 🙁 On CAS it worked perfectly however when I actually played Sims 4 (El Capitan) the mask was visible. To bad, love the design though.

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