Jin Kazama V1

CREATED BY HingleMcCringleBerry

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As someone who is fairly new to the modding community (like 2 day’s ago new lol) i thought a good way to start off my commitment to this community is to make a hairstyle mod. And that being a Tekken cosmetic since i’m a huuuge tekken fan, and was disappointed to see the lack of any particular mods thereof. So therefor, i decided for my first mod i would make one. And voila! Here it is! Important information below:

1. I added filter tags to the mod in the CAS to reduce the hassle of having to search for it if you’re one of those people who don’t like cycling through things to find a item and to also give a idea of what type of hair it is. (Tags: Short, Straight)

2. I turned off AllowForRandom so random sims won’t be able to use this hairstyle. And in the case there’s still a possibility that one random sim would be caught wearing it, i added slight measures to make the hairstyle exclusively only to a Asian archetype by nature to further reduce the chances of it being worn by any random (since it’s kinda rare a archetype.) But overall everything should be fine and working.

And 3. I know this isn’t best looking mod but hopefully in the future i’ll try to make a better version of Jin’s hair but for now my main focus will be to provide better textures which will be coming soon. So please cut me some slack, this is my very first mod after all. If you have any questions or any suggestions please contact me. Thanks for reading and enjoy. =)

Side Note: There is one issue. In the CAS menu, depending on what filters you’ve applied other than short or straight (or maybe just short alone), you may encounter a glitch/unintentional duplicate of the original hair. Though i am still trying to figure out what is causing this issue, the duplicate itself is harmless so you should be fine.
Please let me know if there are any other problems.

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