The Sims 4 MOD: The Singer Trait

These sims love to sing they feel positive emotions when they are singing and negative emotions when they aren’t. There is something different about these sims they seem to master the singing skill faster than other sims. They have the ability to affect other sims emotions and also be inspired by other singers! Singing is more than a “hobby” to these sims… its a passion!


  • Sims can inspire other sims with their voice.
  • Sims singing skill with increase faster with this trait.
  • Sims can be inspired by other singers.
  • Sometimes sims will feel down/upset when they aren’t able to sing.
  • Sometimes sims will feel amazing when they are singing.
  • Sims can get embarrassed by missing notes while singing.
  • Sims can damage/overuse their vocal cords.
  • Sims may have a desire to visit karaoke venues!
  • Sims are very ambitious when it comes to singing they want to be the best!

Location of trait: Hobby Section in CAS

Write songs/music
Play instrument
Sing song (all songs)
Sing Karaoke (all songs)
Sing in shower

Increceded rate from skill growing:

Singing skill – 30%


Friendship: grows 15% faster.

(Way too many to post them all.)

Receive a +3 buff “Over used voice” 30% chance while singing.

Receive a +1 buff “Impressed by voice” 20% chance while singing.

Receive a +2 buff “Why am I not singing” 30% chance while NOT singing.

Autonomy: Music Lover

Note: My intentions with this mod was to make singing more than just a skill. I wanted it to also be more than a hobby even though
you will find this trait under the hobby section in CAS. I would love to learn more about modding so I can create more traits and
make this trait even more advanced! I hope you enjoy this mod and please don’t be to harsh if you run into any bugs/issues
because this is my first time!

Additional Credits:
Zerbu (Mod Constructor)


  1. hellogirl

    how do I downlode?

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