The Handsome Trait


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The Sims 4 MOD: The Handsome Trait

These sims are handsome and every other sim can see it as well. These sims make friends easily because who wouldn’t want to be friends with someone this handsome? What about their love life? Do you really have to ask? Well lets just say getting the sim of your dreams with these looks will be as easy as pie!

Sims will be attractive to other sims including themselves!

These sims make friends and romantic relationships fast.

Location of trait: Emotional Section in CAS

Mirror interactions

Relationship Modifiers:

Friendship 20% increase

Romance 20% increase

Major Buffs:

Receive a +3 buff “Confidence Buff” 20% chance.

Autonomy: None.

Important Note: This trait comes in two versions*:

Version 1 (same) – This version allows the sims to be attractive to both genders!

Version 2 (opposite) – This version allows the sim to be attractive to women!

You can ONLY download one of them.
*Sims will still acknowledge the handsomeness regardless!

Additional Credits:
Zerbu (Mod Constructor)


  1. Jasmine

    Hi, i just tried downloading this trait and it seems to say that it’s deleted? Well, something is wrong with the link when you click the ‘download’ button. It might just be me, but i’m not sure and wanted to let you know. If you know anyway to fix this or help me download it, please let me know! 🙂

  2. Ellie1987

    the original uploader has sodded off! lol I was looking for the hideous trait and can’t find it anymore.

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