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CREATED BY KawaiiStacie

Published September 30, 2018

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Requires: Base Game

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This mod focuses on adding more realism to the game! It adds physical changes to sims based on mood, new buffs, and a cellphone menu which is very similar to the social media mod! This mod applies to every sim even the NPC sims. If you downloaded the social media mod just for the “phone interactions” then you can just download this mod instead because it’s not based on followers.

It overhalls the following:

Appearance changes

– Teary eyes when sad.

– Blushy face when Flirty.

– Blushy face when embarrassed.

– Red cheeks when drunk.

– Bruised face when losing a fight.

– Red face when sims have to puke.

– Pimples when having acne.

– Gaps when losing teeth.

– Dirty hands with they are filthy.

– Cuts & bandages when injured.

Personality System:

Now your sims can have different personality types which are based on human personality types. You will be able to choose between 16 personality types or let the game autonomously choose one. If you aren’t interested or don’t want certain sims to have a personality type you can either remove this system or use the option to prevent that sim from getting one.

Emotion Overhaul:

Instead of seeing “very happy” or “very flirty”, the terms have changed to: Humiliated, Pumped, Miserable, Imaginative, Fearless, Silly, Furious, Sleeping, Excited, Depressed, Stressed, Passionate, In The Zone,

Menstrual Cycle (Highly requested):

ou will get a buff that lets you know the official start date of your menstrual cycle. Your sim must be ages teen-adult to be able to get their cycle. The cycle will last for 2 sim days and will come back 12 days afterward.

In-Game Changes:

These changes add more gameplay or realistic features for your sims: Get drunk, get acne, skincare, lose a tooth, and phone apps.

Health & Fitness System:

  • Sims are now aware of insecurities.

  • You can become insecure about yourself but that can be changed with a compliment, feeling confident, or a boost in the mirror.

  • You can ruin, fix, or increase someone’s confidence.

  • You can now check your body measurements. (results will be a moodlet/buff)

Sickness System: 

Your sims can catch colds/flu, stomach bugs, a WTD (infection), and get a headache. You can also pass these sicknesses and NPC sims.

Social Media Influencer

  • You can now get paid to wear/take photos wearing sponsored content.

  • The higher your fame star is the more brands you will get sponsored by.

Memory System: 

With the new memory system, your sims will now be able to remember things that happen to them, but like all memories, some of them will begin to fade. However, your sims will always be making more memories so don’t worry about the forgotten memories.

Parties & Interactive System

Your sim will get invited to parties, you will have unexpected visitors, and get invitations for rabbit hole events.

SmartPhone System

You will have a better phone! You can post on social media or send texts. You will have to click on your sim to use it. More options will appear when you have certain relationships or when your sim is in a certain mood! You will get texts from your friends, family, and lover(s). You can also send texts and get responses from the people that you text.

More Woohoo / Sex Options

Sims can now have self woohoo, random hookups, and drunk woohoo. You can remove the autonomous hookup or random hookups package from your folder if you are not okay with it. Self woohoo will only be done randomly once and they won’t be able to do it again until their current buff/moodlet expires.

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Every time I try to order from one of the food delivery services, it glitches adn the delivery person just stands there and doesn't do anything and the only option that is there related to the food at all is "give tip" when i haven't even gotten my food. How do I fix this?


This mod is making a weird male whisling sound, if there's a possible way can It be removed?


I downloaded the most recent version (and yes I deleted all the old versions in my game first) and ever since then my sims kept not being able to do things because they were "too uncomfortable" or "too tense", even though they had no uncomfortable or tense moodlets. The only way to temporarily this is to travel to another lot and back, and my game runs super slow so that takes like 5-10 minutes to do :/


This mod is super fun! Tysm!! I use it all the time!

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i wanna know if this mod is compatible with Wicked Whims. that mod is non-negotiable for a nasty freak like me and i wanna know if this mod would mess with it at all


So I love it so far but my sims have been doing a lot of mean interactions with each other and I have no idea how to stop it T T, is there a folder that makes them interact in such way???? It makes me angry because I can't do anything abt it and have no idea what to do :(

Muhr Zkie

This is the first mod I'll be trying!


umm... its not downloading...


everytime i press the download button it says error 404 page not found?

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i'm having a problem with opening tampon boxes


To everyone above, I've tried this with the latest patch alongside a load of other mods and so far I haven't ran into any issues :) , though if you want to be extra cautious it might be worth waiting for an update


Is thie working for the newest June 3rd update?


Can this be updated for the new 1.63

Lisa T

Is this working with the most recent update? The June 3rd one? Seems like most of the mods needed to updated but I don't see a notification on yours.

Anonymous x

it has removed my eyelashes and it wont let me get them back even though she has them on please someone help me


what is wrong with people? I LOVE THIS MOD!! don't listen to them! this mod really does make my gameplay SOOOO much better..


Hey I hope your doing well I don't know if you see these reviews but I heard you got negative feed back and I just wanna tell you that I appreciate all your hard work and hope to see you get back to your feet! please take care of yourself with much love a fellow simmer who enjoy's slice of life <3


Hey I saw your mod on a YouTube video and it looked cool so i came here to have a look at it but found that it wasn't available so i read the note and i am so sorry that you had to deal with all of that negativity it would take a stroll on anyone's mental health. I found that though there are kind people in the sims community there are also toxic simmers who only care that the mod is up to their standards. Anyway I just wanted to say i hope your mental health gets better and i can't wait to see your game in the future:)


This message is for the creator of the mod. I love this mod and i hope you dont let people get to you and keep on making and updating this mod how you want to as a creator. If someone doesnt like something about it then they can stop using it! you are an amazing creator and i would love to continue to use this mod as you update it how you want to! You are amazing!


wow, you added in Myers Briggs, seriously I am obsessed <3 amazing work!


I can't find this od for ver. 1.56, help me please.


How do you dowload


Love this mod but wondering if I can shut off the whole period thing. My SIm is trying to run a business and my customers come in every night, most of the women are always on the rag and crying and complaining, in a bad mood, it's driving me nuts. I tried removing the folder with menstruation but now I can't use the main feature I wanted, which was to change the needs easily. So like, I can't have one without the other? Could live without the acne too, gets old fast.


Hey! I really like your mod but I have noticed a problem, I don't know if it's the mod or any other mod but the sim I'm playing with can't sometimes interact with others. I can't do anything friendly mean or any other things it just says when I click on the sim "more options, slice of life (and another mod)". I have tried uninstalling the other mod but it still has the same effect! Please help :(


Really Great mod in love with it


great mod just need a little help with the dowlond I don’t know how to get this mod working in my game can someone please help i pressed download on the final page put it in my electronic arts, sims 4 and mods and when i entered the game it didn’t work and i saw it on the page of all mt cc and mods and i enabled mods so pls help


ypu need togo to settings and enable mods


I still haven't done it cause i need help cause i don't know how to do it. I don't know how to get this mod can someone please help i pressed download on the final page put it in my electronic arts, sims 4 and mods and when i entered the game it didn't work and i saw it on the page of all mt cc and mods


Really great, anyone know what the acne file is called? To remove it?


My friend got the mod and she really likes it


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