The Sims 4 MOD: PTSD Trait v1.2 (Cats and Dogs Compatible)

hello! thanks so much for clicking on my mod!
this mod version is version 1.2, but the bugs were so minor they do not require a changelog.
please download the appropriate file.
and dont forget to periodically check back for updates!

this mod is base game compatible.
this mod was built with PC / Mac

this mod adds the custom trait of PTSD, which will affect your sim’s mood, need decay, ability to form relationships, moods, and whims. i’ve been meaning to make this for a while because there are only a handful of mental disorder trait mods (and the ones that are out are either not compatible with the pets update and totally broken, or just not what im looking for) and finally got around to making it. it took me about 8 hours in total to do so.

this is my first mod! if you have any feedback, please leave it in the comment section below. i will be making more mental illness mods in the future, so feel free to give requests! if you like my mods, feel free to favorite me and/or check my page for more!


what does this mod do though?

— [ mood buffs ] —

  • depressed (depressed, lasts 8 hours, 50% chance)
  • anger (angry, lasts 1 hour, 30% chance)
  • triggered (stressed, lasts 3 hours, 30% chance)
  • panic attack (tense, lasts 1 hour, 20% chance)
  • hallucinations (dazed, lasts 3 hours, 20% chance)
  • guilt (sad, lasts 3 hours, 30% chance)
  • on edge (tense, lasts 10 hours, 50% chance)

— [ autonomy ] —

  • environment – tense

(this means sims will act as if they are tense at random points automatically)

— [ needs and social ] —

v [mimics appetite issues] v

  • hunger decays x2 slower

v [mimics trust issues due to trauma] v

  • friendships are x2 harder to form
  • romantic relationships are ~3x harder to form

— [ whims ] —

  • get into a fight
  • vent to someone
  • talk to self
  • call the sadness hotline
  • send a sad text
  • have an emotional meltdown
  • kick a trashcan
  • yell at someone
  • threaten someone
  • send an angry text
  • blog about feelings
  • be alone

— [ i want it! but.. how do i install it? ] —

  1. open the zip file
  2. drag the .package file into C:UsersYOURUSERNAMEHEREDocumentsElectronic ArtsThe Sims 4Mods
  3. ????
  4. profit

— [ changelog for v1.1 ] —

Additional Credits:
Zerbu’s Mod Constructor V3


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