The Sims 4 MOD: Movie Lover Trait

Movie Lover -*Sims love to watch movies and snack on popcorn.

Ages: Teen to Elder (Hobby trait)*

Happy, +4 for 5 hours:
Watch College Cram
Watch Diamonds Are For Sims
Watch Lost Dog’s Journey Home
Watch Moonlight Massacre III
Watch Roaring Vice
Watch Simder
Watch Sims of the Dead
Watch Superkids: Cortex Catastrophe
Watch The Adventures of Spaceship Simulation
Watch The Khlumzee Sisters
Watch Movie
Watch Current Movie

Watch a movie
Buy Popcorn Popper
Eat Popcorn*
Buy a TV

Needs: Fun increases 1.4x faster

No other effects on careers, skills or autonomy.

Base Game Compatible and GV is

Thanks and Enjoy!

Credits: Mod Constructor V3

Do not share without my permission. The only other place this Career is available is on my personal blog and MTS.

Thanks and Enjoy!


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