The Sims 4 MOD: Fishermen Trait

These Sims enjoy fishing, being around other fishermen, and get upset if they don’t fish for a while.

These sims love to fish. They feel positive emotions when they are fishing and negative emotions when they aren’t. There is something different about these sims they seem to master the fishing skill faster than other sims. They feel happy when fishing with others! Fishing is more than a “hobby” to these sims… its a passion!

Fishing is fun!
Sims feel happy fishing with other sims!
Sims fishing skill with increase faster with this trait.
Sims can feel negative when having a low “fishing skill”.
Sometimes sims will feel lucky and unlucky!
Sometimes sims will feel amazing when they are fishing.
Sims may have a desire to go fishing!
Sims are very ambitious when it comes to fishing they want to be the best!

Location of trait: Hobby Section in CAS

Whims: (too many to type)
Level up fishing skill
Bait / Catch
Mount fish
Cook fish

Increceded rate from skill growing:

Fishing skill – 10%



Others: (Way too many to post them all.)

Receive a +2 buff “I feel like fishing” 20% chance while singing.

Receive a +2 buff “feeling lucky” 30% chance while singing.

Receive a +1 buff “lets go fishing” 10% chance while NOT singing.

Autonomy: Loves the outdoors!

Note: My intentions with this mod was to make fishing more than just a skill. I would love to learn more about modding so I can create more traits and
make this trait even more advanced! I hope you enjoy this mod and please don’t be to harsh if you run into any bugs/issues
because I am new at modding!

Additional Credits:
Zerbu (Mod Constructor)


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