The Sims 4 MOD: extreme introvert trait in CAS

Works with cats and dogs
And all other expansions

This mod is an introvert trait that is much more extreme than the one that is already included in the game.

No new whims added

Game modification:
social needs decrease .5x slower

-Athletic and Social skills are treated like they are two levels lower at all times
-Mental and Music skills are treated like they are two levels higher at all times

Drinking at a bar: Embarrassed +1 (for four hours)
Playing a multiplayer game: Anger +4 (only while doing it)
Woohoo: Embarrassed +4 (only for an hour after woohoo is triggered)
Dancing: Uncomfortable +1 (for four hours after)
Being outside: Uncomfortable +1 (only while outside)
Listening to music: Happiness +2 (for an hour after done listening to music)
Sleeping: Happiness +4 (While sleeping + an hour after waking)
Dinner party: Embarrassment +2 (While and for 2 hours after)
Extreme Extrovert: Happiness +2 (All the time, not sure why working on fixing)

Sims around them are energized +1

Additional Credits:
Made using mod constructor v3


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