The Sims 4 MOD: Coffee Lover Trait

These sims love coffee and feel happy when they can get a cup of it. These sims make amazing baristas!

Sims feel happy while drinking coffee.
When sims drink coffee while in a negative mood drinking coffee can help!
Sims (teens) make amazing baristas!
Sometimes sims will crave coffee!

Location of trait: Hobby Section in CAS

Order Drink!

Increceded rate from skill growing:

Barista – 20%

Major Buffs:

Receive a +2 buff “Craving coffee” 20% chance while singing.

Receive a +4 buff “Coffee cheers me up” 80% chance while drinking coffee in a negative mood.

Receive a +3 buff “I love coffee” 50% chance while drinking coffee.

Autonomy: Drink, Brew Coffee

Note: This is a small trait but I know a couple of coffee lovers
that were very excited at the idea of having this as a trait for their game!

Additional Credits:

Zerbu (Mod Constructor)


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