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Published March 24, 2019

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I created this custom Trait for those that want to have it in their game. I for one would want this in my game if I were to create my real family. I have a stepbrother that has Autism. I have Asperger’s. Which is also on the Autism Spectrum as well only it on the higher end of it. My stepbrother has only autism. It would be best to have one created for just Autism.

This trait is basis off a family member. I am no this spectrum as well. It just on a high end of it. He is allowing me to use some of his problems and what he is good at. I have to thank him for allowing me to do this. Autism have trouble with Social skills. They do repeated activities. They only talk about certain topics.


"this is offencive to people on the spectrum. i have aspergers and do not like this description. i talk about many things and do anything BUT repeated tasks. do research before you male something hurtful like this." You mean this is offensive to YOU, not everyone. You don't speak for everyone, and don't throw blanket statements out. Personally I think the description needs work, but I like the idea behind it.


this is offencive to people on the spectrum. i have aspergers and do not like this description. i talk about many things and do anything BUT repeated tasks. do research before you male something hurtful like this.


I love the idea of this because I am on the spectrum in about 6 ways all high functioning and everyone says that its bad to point it out but like BRUH it obvious stop trying to hide it, so I will definitely be using this

Deloris Arriaga

If you may lay out for people some in the main findings of one's study.

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To those above me. Shut up. I have asperges, yay? Who cares, just enjoy the mod and get on with it instead of arguing over stupid crap.


To the two people above me - you're BOTH wrong in some ways. Aspergers used to be a diagnosis but was removed when the DSM-V came out in 2013. People who were diagnosed before then get to keep that diagnostic label but now it is understood that Asperger's is just another presentation of Autism, period. Also, high and low functioning are nonsense labels. They are created by non-autistic people to basically describe how much our neurology affects and inconveniences them, and is arbitrarily based on IQ - which can be skewed by any number of reasons. It's also based on the mistaken belief that those with autism have an intellectual disability - they don't. Although in some cases autism can be found alongside intellectual disability, autism doesn't CAUSE intellectual disability. Also, the concept of high vs low functioning was NEVER part of the diagnostic criteria, whatsoever. It was never codified anywhere there. And I'll prove how nonsensical it is. IQ can vary by 5-10 points on any given day. A person I know scored an average of 75 on his IQ test whereas 70 is the cut off point for people still using the concept of "low functioning". So on any given day, he might end up with an IQ low enough to be "low functioning" but on the day he was last tested, he was just high enough to be "high functioning". Do you really think that somehow his difficulties would change THAT much in that time? No, of course not. And the thing is that his inability to score well on the IQ test is because he cannot read and write, because of a combination of ADHD and sensory overload, plus severe anxiety. It has nothing to do with his actual intelligence - as proven by the fact that despite scoring well below 70 on all the areas that require you to read, write and sit down to concentrate and memorise things, his verbal IQ test put him in the genius range. Overall - people labelled as "low functioning" are often undersupported, assumed to be mentally disabled and often not given alternative communication methods if they struggle with vocal communication, whereas those labelled as "high functioning" may be struggling with extreme difficulties with social interaction, anxiety, ADHD symptoms, etc but because they are often very good verbally and score higher on IQ charts (and especially if they are female and are massively misdiagnosed because the diagnostic criteria are based on non-verbal boys with profound challenges, and take no notice of how girls and women present differently) they are expected to be able to do more, and so they are undersupported and suffer from severe mental health issues (like 3/4s of people having suicidal thoughts and severe anxiety because of problems with bullying in the workplace and school, difficulties getting and keeping jobs, relationship problems, all while being told they should "do better" because they're "milder" because they're "high functioning"). Autism isn't a spectrum of mild to severe, low to high functioning. All autistics struggle with issues in the same areas - you have to, or you're not autistic, which is also why you can't be a "bit" autistic, any more than you can be a "bit pregnant". So person 1: You're wrong, it's absolutely not always "low functioning" and person 2: You're wrong, because Aspergers isn't a diagnosis any more and hasn't been for seven years now, plus you can be "low functioning" with typical Aspergers traits too.


To the commenters, Asperger's is still a recognized diagnosis in many countries. When the DSM-V was released a few years ago, it meshed Asperger's into the spectrum of Autism Spectrum Disorders. There really is no high or low on the spectrum - it's more like the colour spectrum - vast with innumerable unquantifiable places. "High" and "Low" functioning labels are rejected by the autistic community because they do not accurately portray our support needs and can, in fact, be used to deny us support. I recommend searching Sarah Hendricks or Kristy Forbes or the ASAN network. or visiting The Aspergian website if you want more accurate information about Autistics.


@the person above me, Asperger's is actually on the higher end of the spectrum! I know this because I have Asperger's and so does my brother and my best friend's twin brother. Also, Asperger's does, in fact, EXIST, please look it up, it is used to describe those who are on the higher end of the spectrum. Maybe do your research before saying someone else's research isn't accurate? c:


Hi, not trying to be rude but the information supplied in this mod isn't particularly accurate. One example is that Aspergers doesn't actually exist. 'Aspergers' is simply the lower end of the Autism Spectrum. I am proud that someone in the Autism community is allowing recognition but I would prefer if adequate research was applied beforehand.


i don't want to be mean but the grammar and overall english in the description is really off-putting.


As a person with Autism I love this :) <3


Downloaded it but It didn't pop up. A few other trait mods have done that so I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong or if they just don't work. Hopefully, I can find something to help me figure that out.


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