Tint Of Living Mod V1.1

CREATED BY The1SailorEarth

Published January 9, 2021

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The Sims 4 MOD: Tint Of Living Mod V1.1

Available for download at Mod The Sims

-bug fixes, bug fixes, bug fixes.


Vulgar Trait! (makes your Sims earn skills slower…)

New Social Interactions:

-Call A Llama

-Accuse Of Being Mean

-Ask To Get Along

-New Resort Lot Trait!

Run the best resort in town with this lot trait!

-Shopping Mall Lot Trait!

need some new fashion? go to a shopping mall!

-Livestreamer Aspiration!

-Playable School Events:

-Playable Grade School

-Playable High School

New Holiday Traditions:

-Pull A Gaming All-Nighter

-Honor Soldiers Who Died


-Say Yes To Your Child All Day

-Honor Mother

-Spring Spirit

-Honor Father

-Eat Cake


-Buy Gifts

After School Activities:
Your child/teen sims have after school activities now!

The Activities:
-Animation Club
-Baseball Team
-Anime/Manga Club
-Basketball Team
-Art Club
-Drama Club
-Graphic Design
-Japanese Club
-Martial Arts
-Spanish Club
-Russian Club
-Latin Club
-German Club
-French Club
-Chinese Club
-American Sign Language Club
-Ultimate Frisbee
-Yearbook Committee
-Student Council
-Water Polo
-School Band
-Chess Club
-Slam Poetry Club
-Boy Scouts
-Equestrian Club
-Girl Scouts
-Film Production Club
-Model Railroads
-Quilt Making
-Renaissance Faires
-Comedy Club
-Dungeons and Dragons Club
-Study Hall
-Archery Club
-Nerd Culture Club
-Literature Club
-History Club
-English Club
-Engineering Club
-Electronics Club
-Economics Club
-Chemistry Club
-Biology Club
-Astronomy Club
-Architecture Club
-Literary Magazine Club
-Math Club
-Peer Tutoring
-Poetry Club
-Physics Club
-Psychology Club
-Robotics Club
-Web Design Club
-Coding Club
-Aeronauctics Club

Additional Info:
-Each is from 4-6 P.M.
-For Child and Teen Sims

Food Allergies:
Your Sims can have Food Allergies now!
-Food Allergy Trait
-Allergic Reaction Buff

5 New Social Interactions:
-Beg To Call Ambulance!!!
-Should I Use Epi-Pen?
-Ask For Ingredients
-Ask For Help!
-Ask About Allergy Meds

Blood Types:
Your Sims can now have blood types!

4 New Blood Type Traits:
Blood Type A
Blood Type B
Blood Type O
Blood Type AB

-New Interactions:
-Brag About Being Rarest Type
-Bond Over Blood Types
-Joke About Luck
-Be Arrogant
-Brag About Being 2nd-Rarest Blood Type!
-Be Cool Towards Sim
-Be Friendly
-Tell Blood Type B Pun!
-Brag About Being Universial Donor
-Tell To Not Force To Donate Blood
-O-Surprise Surprise!!! Tell About Being Most Common Type
-Convince To Donate Blood
-Make Blood Type A Pun
-Bond Over Common Blood Types
-Brag About Being A-mazing!
-Brag About Blood Type Matching With First Letter In Alphabet!

Plus A New Blood Donor Unpaid Career!
5 Levels:
-New Donor
-Getting Up There!
-Medical Legend
-Medically Precious

Zodiac Signs
Adds In 12 New Traits!

Boarding School:
Your Teen Sims can now go to Boarding School!
-Rabbit Hole Career OR make an event to make it active

Neighborhood Jobs For Kids:
Your Child Sims can now help out around the neighborhood to earn some pocket money!
10 new part-time careers for kids:
-Snow Shoveller
-Bake Sale
-Lemonade Stand
-Mother’s Helper
-Pool Cleaner
-Leaf Raker
-Sale Stand
-Dog Walker

Childish Interactions:
New interactions for your sims who just don’t wanna grow up…
-Play Family Roleplay
-Talk About School Enemies
-Play Princess Roleplay
-Ask To Have Playdate
-Play Combat Roleplay
-Talk About Marvel Movies
-Ask For R.E.F.U.G.E Username
-Talk About Disney Princesses
-Convince To Join Friend Group
-Talk About Dumb Parents
-Ask To Be Friends
-Talk About Cute Animals
-Play Roleplay Game
-Talk About Latest Toy Commercials
-Ask To Be Best Friends

3 New Traits:
-12 Going On 30
-Spoiled Brat
-Voidcritter Addict

Anime “Dere Types”:
10 New Traits:

New Social Interactions:
-Defend Significant Other
-Call Unattractive
-Confess Hatred To Sim
-Yell At
-Convince Sim To Break Up
-Call Sim A Loser
-Confess To Being A Baka
-Ask A Dumb Question
-Remesince On Failures
-What’s 1+1?
-Call Sim A Baka
-Ask What Sim’s IQ Score Is
-Tell A Sob Story
-Come Crying To Sim
-Ask To Be Friends
-Ask For Advice
-Fish For Sympathy
-Ask Sim About Antidepressants
-Bond Over Shyness
-Come Out Of Shell
-Explain Trust Issues
-Hide With Sim
-Pretend To Be Friend
-Convince Sim I Am The Best!
-Bully Sim
-Be Sour Towards Sim
-Call Sim A Nerd
-Make Day Better!
-Talk With
-Teach Sim How To Be Popular
-Be Cool And Kind
-Bond Over Favorite Anime
-Ask For A Day Out
-Talk Trash About Enemies
-Invite To Home
-Fish For Compliments!
-Convince Sim To Be Royal
-Ask Sim To Bow Down
-Tell About “Kingdom”
-Tell About Magic Realm
-Be My Personal Servant!
-Ask Sim To Be Familiar
-Ask To Pray
-Enthuse To Vandalize A Catholic Church
-Enthuse To Be A God Too!
-Convince To Join Religion
-Convince To Worship

You can now have more drama in your game!

8 New Stereotypical Traits:
-Theatre Kid

New Drama Interactions!
-Recruit To Clique
-Try To Make Friends
-Try Hard To Make Friends
-Talk About Favorite Celebs
-Talk About Viral Cat Videos
-Talk About Latest Fashion Trends
-Make Small Talk
-Talk About Gaming YouTubers
-Talk About Athletes
-Ask About Family
-Talk About Latest Music
-Talk About Favorite Anime
-Talk About Books
-Exchange Dirty Secrets
-Gain Trust
-Talk Trash About Sims
-Make Fun Of Stereotype
-Jinx Sim
-Betray Sim
-Make Death Threat
-Expose Sim’s Secrets!
-Confess To Being A Fake Friend
-End Friendship With Sim
-Read Sim’s Diary Entry To Sim
-Phony Fibs
-Shun & Snub
-Call Sim An Idiot
-Public Fight!!!

Eating Disorders:
This Mod brings eating disorders to TS4!
2 New Traits:

New Social Interactions:
-Ask About Keto Diet
-Ask About Bulimia
-Ask For Ways To Relieve Symptoms
-Ask About Mental Hospitals
-Ask For Ice Cubes For Lunch
-Ask About Water
-Ask If Fat
-How Much Do U Weigh?
-Obsess Over Body

Fear Emotion:
This Mod replaces the “Tense” emotion with:
-Scared (Tense)
-Terrified (Very Tense)

Your Sim can now be immortal.
-Adds New Immortal Trait. Your Sims cannot die or age up past young adult.

New Social Interactions:
-Ask About Immortality
-Ask If Supernatural
-Brag About Immortallity
-Bully Mortal
-Give Kiss Of Life

Be aware. not all people are the nicest!
-New Added Karen Trait

New Social Interactions:
-Ask For Manager
-Call Out For Being Noisy…
-Talk About Wine
-Talk About Annoying Employees
-Ask Out For Wine Date
-Ask For Karen Move Ideas

Lunar Cycle:
These are 8 moon overrides, based on the Lunar Cycle.
There is:
New Moon
Waxing Crescent
First Quarter
Waxing Gibbous
Full Moon
Waning Gibbous
Third Quarter
Waning Crescent

20+ New Events For Your Sims
-High School Reunion
-Baby Shower
-Bachelor(ette) Party
-Field Trip
-Girls Night Out
-College Reunion
-Christmas Party
-New Year’s Eve
-Thanksgiving Dinner
-Movie Night
-Housewarming Party
-Pool Party
-Happy Hour
-Game Night
-Campaign Rally
-Family Reunion

Menstrual Cycle:
A mod that allows Teen-Elder Female Sims get their period.

Middle School:
I have added Middle School to the game!
-For Child/Teen Sims!
-School Career

Personality Types:
-ENFJ-The Giver
-ENTJ-The Commander
-ISTJ-The Examiner
-ESFJ-The Provider
-ISFJ-The Protector
-ESTJ-The Supervisor
-INFJ-The Counseler
-ENTP-The Visionary
-INTJ-The Strategist
-ENFP-The Champion
-ISTP-The Mechanic
-ESFP-The Performer
-ISFP-The Artist
-ESTP-The Promoter
-INFP-The Healer
-INTP-The Architect

Mine IRL is ESFP! ;3

Playable NPC Jobs:
-Maid Made Playable
-Nanny Made Playable
These Jobs are Events! Book them on your phone.

Pop Star:
Your Sim can now be a popstar!!!
-Pop Star Aspiration
-Pop Star Career
-5 Levels!

I have added Preschool for Toddlers!
-Use it as a rabbit hole OR make it active from the phone!

Private School:
I have added a new private school career!
-For Child and Teen Sims!

Sailor Moon Anime-Sailor Senshi:
-For all you moonies out there ????
5 New Traits:
-Moon Senshi
-Planet Senshi
-Star Senshi
-Galaxy Senshi
-Senshi Administration Council (SAC)

New Social Interactions!
-Bully Because Of Powers
-Demand For Higher Rank
-Comfort Distressed Senshi
– Bond With Senshi
-Ask To Stop Fighting
-Make Anti-Fighting Campaign!
-Be Rude To Leader!
-Complain About Being Lowest Rank!
-Scold Senshi
-Friendly Chat With Senshi
-Awaken Senshi!
-Forcefully Awaken Senshi
-Ask For Senshi Advice
-Make Fast Friends With Senshi
-Beat Up Senshi
-Give Senshi Advice
-Yell At Senshi
-Senshi Abuse!
-Joke With Senshi!

Plus a new social event:
-Training Camp!

Farm World:
This Mod transforms Forgotten Hollow into a farm themed world, complete with a new map. (As shown above)
What This Component Comes With:
-Terrain Override
-Trees Override
-Street Decor Override

LGBT Sims????️‍????
Now Your Sims can be part of the LGBT community!

New Traits:
-Gender Fluid
-Non Binary

New Social Interactions:
-Ask About Sexuality
-Ask About Pronouns
-Discuss LGBTQ+ Rights
-Hit On
-Pretend To Be LGBTQIA+
-Ask To Join LGBT Rights Protest
-Discuss Recent News
-Mock Sexuality
Make Fun Of Gender Identity
-Fake Sexuality
-Fake Gender Identity
-Come Out

-Converts the Acne from Parenthood to children!

Adds new dominate hand traits!
-Left Handed
-Right Handed

Mental Illnesses
New Traits:

Sickness And Treatment:
-Adds a new Sick buff!
-Go to the hospital to get treatment!

-TS4-TS3 Worlds Rename Mod V1.0
-Renames TS4 Worlds to those of TS3 Worlds!

Wireless Carriers
Adds 4 New Wireless Carrier Careers:
-Spectrum Mobile


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