!PATCH! 100+ Traits Unlocked for CAS – ATICAS

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The Sims 4 MOD: !PATCH! 100+ Traits Unlocked for CAS – ATICAS

Please redownload, I completely forgot to break down the BaseMod, now it should work as expected

Recently I wanted to start a new gameplay. Nothing weird, just a standard sim living a standard life. But I realised, there’s still only about 50 traits in CAS and most of them are similar and do… practically nothing (if you don’t count some buffs). That’s why I made another mod with a weird acronym:
ATICAS – All Traits In CAS

This mod unlocks many many traits, which are not available in Create a Sim:

  • Aspiration points reward traits
  • Aspiration bonus traits
  • Complete aspiration reward traits
  • Career traits
  • City Living food traits
  • Parenthood character value reward traits
  • Toddlers’ and children’s reward traits

105 of these can be found [easier] with this mod !

So what files should I download ?
There are three things you should take into consideration:


  1. Kaitlyn

    Some of them don’t work, or show up even. They are the grey lamas and when I click on them, they dont even work. Mayeb its a new issue?

  2. Alekzandur Kirk

    They are based on the packs/expansions that you own, if you are lacking 1 or more those aspirations will be voided with a grey llama and unusable until unlocked with expansion. Best to dl them all and and only throw in the ones you can use and store rest in a folder for later application.

  3. Vivian Waldrop

    I decided after i used it for a while that i didn’t like how all the traits were there, can you tell me how to delete the mod?

  4. kelsey

    I tried to get into the game with the mod, but it kept taking me to choose world every time.

  5. amber

    can yall be real with us does not work at all this definetly a lie waste of time people

  6. Maricela Sharman

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    Thomassen Zacho

  7. Kate Thow

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  8. Alfonzo Estrada

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