The Sims 4 MOD: !PATCH! 100+ Traits Unlocked for CAS – ATICAS

Please redownload, I completely forgot to break down the BaseMod, now it should work as expected

Recently I wanted to start a new gameplay. Nothing weird, just a standard sim living a standard life. But I realised, there’s still only about 50 traits in CAS and most of them are similar and do… practically nothing (if you don’t count some buffs). That’s why I made another mod with a weird acronym:
ATICAS – All Traits In CAS

This mod unlocks many many traits, which are not available in Create a Sim:

  • Aspiration points reward traits
  • Aspiration bonus traits
  • Complete aspiration reward traits
  • Career traits
  • City Living food traits
  • Parenthood character value reward traits
  • Toddlers’ and children’s reward traits

105 of these can be found [easier] with this mod !

So what files should I download ?
There are three things you should take into consideration:


  1. Kaitlyn

    Some of them don’t work, or show up even. They are the grey lamas and when I click on them, they dont even work. Mayeb its a new issue?

  2. Alekzandur Kirk

    They are based on the packs/expansions that you own, if you are lacking 1 or more those aspirations will be voided with a grey llama and unusable until unlocked with expansion. Best to dl them all and and only throw in the ones you can use and store rest in a folder for later application.

  3. Vivian Waldrop

    I decided after i used it for a while that i didn’t like how all the traits were there, can you tell me how to delete the mod?

  4. kelsey

    I tried to get into the game with the mod, but it kept taking me to choose world every time.

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