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The Sims 4 MOD:

Available for download at Mod The Sims

BACKUP your Saves before installing ANY mod and especially one in BETA. Takes 30 seconds (go to “my documents”, then “Electronic Arts” then “Sims 4”. Then, locate and copy the “Saves” and “Tray” folders to anywhere else on your computer, tadaa you have backed up your saves.)
Compatible with latest patch from June 2020, 1.63
Consider this a BETA mod, since nobody has tried it so far other than myself.

My testing has proven satisfactory, but I will be waiting for feedback from others before removing this warning. There may be issues with animations not showing or interactions not unlocking, although I have not noticed any.
This should be Base Game compatible, as I strove to use only Base Game resources. If an animation doesn’t play, let me know, it would be that it is mistakenly not from Base Game, and I’d need to fix that.

Have you ever been bugged by the following?
-A Sim walks home triumphantly after getting a big promotion… perhaps they are itching to tell their loved ones about it, but – they can’t! There is no social interaction for that. So the Sim is doomed to keep the good news secret. And the good news won’t affect Sims around them… -A Sim gets abducted by aliens, and can’t tell anyone! – A Sim can almost die and come back and doesn’t have the ability to tell his friends.
Illogically absent dialogue options everywhere!

The point of this mod is to, A. offer interactions dependent on special events such as mentioned above and B, have said special events affect other Sims if they’re told about them. In real life, your husband comes home telling you he got fired, you’re going to have a reaction. In the Sims game, a Sim can’t tell their significant other or friends that they got fired, let alone have it impact anyone else. Let’s try to improve that! The game is already great and packed full of interactions, but if we can add more, why not?

With “Contextual Social Interactions”, you get new interactions, which Sims are allowed to perform autonomously. Note that these interactions are available ONLY with Sims that your Sim knows well (friends, family, and lovers), because it wouldn’t make sense for a complete stranger to care that much about your promotion etc…

New interactions, and moodlets for the listener
Promotion. Sims who have the “Promoted” moodlet now have the ability to tell friends and family about it. The sim who receives the news will be granted a happy moodlet (+1, for 8 hours).
Demotion and worse. Similarly, Sims who have been demoted (or fired) can announce the news to their family / partner. The Sim who is told will earn a +1 sad moodlet (4 hours) from hearing about demotions, and +2 sad moodlet (8 hours) from hearing about a loss of job.

New interactions
Pregnant Sims can now “discuss name ideas”, and “complain about hormonal changes”. This grants relationship points, no moodlet. (note: since Male sims who get pregnant through alien abduction truly realize what’s going on only on the 3rd trimester, that’s when these pregnancy interactions become available for them).

New interaction, and moodlet for the listener
In the game, there is a mean option to “criticize WooHoo technique”, but there is no nice equivalent. Not anymore; now, if Sims had good WooHoo, they can compliment their partner. This grants the partner a +1 confident moodlet (4 hours).

New interaction, and moodlet for the listener
Sims who have been abducted now have the option to tell family and friends about it. This will grant a +1 stressed moodlet (4 hours) to the person who hears the story, and fame points for the abducted Sim. (If you don’t have “Get to Work”, you won’t have this interaction. If you don’t have “Get famous”, you won’t get fame points).

New interactions, and one moodlet
Near death experience. A Sim brushes with Death (this happens when a Sim “dies” but the Reaper does not take them, because of pleas from other Sims) now can “tell about near death experience” to their friends and family. This will give them fame points, and a +1 inspired moodlet (24 hours) for the listener.
Witnessed death. A Sim who recently witnessed a death may wish to discuss this traumatic event with others. Now, they can. This grants no moodlet, just relationship points.
Mourning. A Sim mourning a death may now reminisce about the departed with friends and family. This grants no moodlet, just relationship points.

New interaction, and moodlet for the listener
A Sim who has recently painted a masterpiece, finished writing a book, or writing lyrics, will now be able to tell their close friends / family about their work and share their excitement and pride. This will grant fame points to the creator, and a +2 inspired moodlet (8 hours) to whomever listens, as the Sim’s passion for his / her work is contagious! Evil Sims however will get a +2 angry “jealous” moodlet instead (8 hours as well).

New interactions, and moodlets for the speaker
A Sim who recently got divorced may decide to “Express regrets over separation” to friends and family, or on the contrary, to “Trash Ex”. This grants, respectively, a sad moodlet (“Feeling Regrets”, +1 sad, 2 days) or a confident moodlet (“Better Off Without Them”, +1 confident, 2 days). NOTE: Sims will not perform these interactions autonomously. It?s up to you whether they have regrets or not!

An OPTIONAL set (separate mod module, download separately) of cheating-related interactions (ie triggered when a Sim cheats on another). It adds 11 new social interactions and a few moodlets. See below for full list of features.

OPEN TO SUGGESTIONS ? Let me know what interactions you would like to see! I want my Sims to be more impacted by what happens to other Sims when said others tell them about things, so that the direction I’ll be taking with this!


This mod does NOT tune or overwrite any original game code / files / resources, just adds stuff, so it should NOT cause errors or conflicts.
If you are experiencing any errors or issues, please let me know.


There are mods that improve what happens when a Sim cheats (Zero’s “Improved Relationships – Cheating” and “Realistic Reactions” are two of them). They’re good stuff so have a look at them!

(Bear in mind that you should NOT use several mods about cheating at the same time, as they will either send contradictory info, or duplicate info, and you’ll end up with a mess. Don’t use the cheating module if you have ANY mod that affects jealousy (mods that turn it off or increase its effects, and cheating mods). It will CONFLICT! (probably not in terms of XML etc but in terms of conflicting effects / results).

However, as part of this mod, I made my own, optional, cheating-unlocked social interactions and moodlets. It is up to you to download that part or not. It focuses on unlocking new social interactions and moodlets that trigger when a sim is seen cheating, and this is what it does:

[beta release, may contain little bugs such as a moodlet showing up when it should be blocked by another interaction having happened – please notify me of any bug you notice!]


– When a Sim is cheated on, they have the option to “threaten to break-up” and “blame for cheating”. This gives a tense moodlet to the cheater (+3 tense, 24 hours; note: if the cheater doesn’t really regret anything and don’t want to make-up, they will be able to say that, and get rid of this tense moodlet). Cheated on Sims can also “explain parental dispute” to children, which gives the child a +3 sad moodlet for 6 hours (a +3 angry moodlet instead for teens, and adult offspring has a +2 sad instead of +3). This also unlocks for the son / daughter a “blame cheating parent for causing hurt” interaction. This interaction gives the cheater a +2 (4 hours) sad moodlet. The cheated-on Sim can also “explain cheating situation” to friends and family, which gives the listener a +1 (4 hours) sad moodlet, and the interaction “Trash the other Sim’s cheating partner”.
– The cheated-on Sim will get occasional jealous pangs for 48 sim hours; this is a +3 tense moodlet (2 hours) of them doubting their reality.

– A cheater caught cheating may “Apologize for Cheating” and “Promise to be faithful”. This grants relationship points. If the cheater does not wish to express remorse, they are other choices for them, but non-autonomous; see below.

The interactions mentioned above will happen autonomously. Now, on to the:

– Both the cheater and the cheatee have the ability to tank the relationship. If they choose to use one of these interactions, the more positive ones such as “apologize” become unavailable (that ship has sunk). The cheater may “Confess to having no regrets”, which will hurt the relationship some and give the cheatee a +4, 14 hour long sad moodlet. The cheater can also “confess to loving the Other One”, which WILL completely tank the relationship, and grant the same sad moodlet (+4, 14 hours). It also grants the cheater a +1, 8 hour confident moodlet, for having said what needed to be said.
The cheatee may “Refuse to forgive” which will also tank the relationship, making it so that it will take a lot of work to reconquer them, and give the cheater a negative moodlet (+4 tense, 12 hours. NOTE: this moodlet will replace the tense one granted by “Blame for cheating” and “threaten to break-up”, as it is a more serious version of the same feeling).
Note that if the cheater decides to confess to no regrets or loving another, they will lose any tense / sad moodlet they have over cheating (because if they say they don’t care, they don’t). However a cheatee that “refuses to forgive” keeps all their sad / tense moodlets, because that doesn’t remove the hurt.
– These are there for storytelling purposes and you have control – these interactions will NOT happen autonomously.
LIMITATIONS: in case of divorce or death of one partner, the moodlets will not disappear, so it’ll look a little weird there for a while. If you want them to break up / divorce, use one of the super mean interactions first and it’ll look fine, because it goes well together.

This module is very much a Beta – there might be little bugs (nothing harmful to your game but perhaps harmful to your Sim’s relationships, if for example they perform an action by themselves that they shouldn’t be able to). So, use with awareness!

Additional Credits:
Mod created using the Mod Constructor by Zerbu. Thank you Zerbu!!
Sim 4 Studio was also used for XML editing.
And Photoshop for a custom icon.


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