The Sims 4 MOD: Mermaids Mod 1.0

After sweat, pain and tears used to create this mod, I’m excited to announce the new mermaid lifestate!
Let’s see the features included in this (not very big) mod!:

-How to become a mermaid?-

First of all, you need to buy the “The Queen of the Mermaids” statue, which costs §20.000 (Cheats time!). After you bought it, you’ll have two interactions available:
– The typical “Observe” interaction, present in every statue.
– “Remember the “Queen’s” legend”, where the sim will start to look down, trying to remember the legend of this queen. After they’ve remembered it, there will be two possible outcomes:
= Fail: The sim will find the legend boring and fake, and thus will receive the “Boooring…” (+3 bored) buff which will last 24 hours straight! With this buff, the sim will not be gifted by the queen because of their skepticism. Once the buff runs out, you can retry again.
= Success: The sim will find the legend very sad, and so they will receive the “This is so sad…” (+3 sad) buff, which will still last 24 hours, but after it passes out, the queen will acknowledge their caring attitude, and will grant your sim’s (and your) wish! After that, their legs will start to glow, and scales will appear there, all followed by the “New Scales!” (+8 happy) buff.

-“The Queen of the Mermaids” statue-

– Now you’re wondering “Why do I have to remember a legend to become a mermaid”, and the answer is in the description of the object, where a legend is written.
– Mermaids will consider the statue a grave, so they can “Mourn the queen”. The motivation of this is in the legend, I wonder what will be your theories. A hint is present in the buff they’ll receive when they mourned the queen. (The buff is “Such a brave mermaid…” and gives +6 sadness)

-What are the features of the Mermaids?-

Hydration need:
– Let’s start with the hydration need, which will replace Hygiene. This need can be filled by swimming in the pool, taking a shower, taking a bath, going on a water slide, etc.
With advantages though, come disadvantages because the Hydration need decays much faster when staying outside during daytime! Normally you’d have to spend most of your time near water sources but, to make things easier, I made sure that everytime they use water and then they don’t use it anymore, the “Hydrated” (+2 Happy) buff, which lasts 4 hours, will appear and will slowly fill the hydration need. If a mermaid doesn’t care about their hydration they will pass 2 stages before dying:
= The first buff to appear when low on hydration is “Chapped” (+2 uncomfortable), which will make the sim to have a “pretty dried” skin. They will also walk slowly.
= The second and last buff is Dehydrated (+50 uncomfortable), where the sim will almost nearly die. They will have a “very dried” skin and will be unable to use the pool.
After the mermaid passes these two stages, they will die from dehydration. So take good care of your scales, or else…
Scales and Tail:
– Mermaids have the ability to change the color of their scales! You’ll just have to select the color under the menu “Change the color of your scales” in the Mermaid pie menu.
The tail, of course, will follow the same color scheme of the scales. There are 6 colors in total. Another thing with the tail, is that they appear only in some specific locations during specific actions!
For ex. Mermaids won’t have the tail when they are in the shower, but they will if they are in a bathtub. When a mermaids jumps in the pool it might take a bit for the tail to appear, in case it won’t, do “swim laps” and see if that works.
Singing ability:
– Mermaids have one more interaction, that is “Sirens melody”, where the sim will sing some notes very briefly. This has effects on other sims (from teens to elders), in fact they will have the “Such a Wonderful voice…” (+8 flirty) buff which lasts 4 hours. Not only when they observe the mermaid, they react by doing a “melted” animation, but they will also accept almost every flirt from the mermaid.
FOR WHO HAS CITY LIVING: Mermaids develop the singing skill MUCH MUCH faster (like, in just 1/2 minutes the mermaid has level 10 in the singing skill). And also, the sims who look or stay near the mermaid while is singing (even when they sing in the shower or sing at a karaoke), will have the same reaction they have when they hear the “Sirens Melody”.
Some other stuff:
– If Children and childish sims see a mermaid, they will have the “Wow! A Mermaid!” buff (+6 happy) (In the future, a reaction will be created for them)
– Mermaids’s autonomy has been slightly modified. If there’s a chance, they will jump in the pool, or will take a shower.
– Mermaids are smooth talkers, so if they flirt with a sim, their romance relationship will receive a small but effective bonus.
– Mermaids have wonderful and mythical voices, so they won’t talk like normal sims.

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  1. apm8112

    a great idea thank you so much. i also wanted to suggest a morph mod that turns a sim into a dog or cat. they could have traits like dog sims will howl at night. when the sim is in animal form the can talk to other animal. you could also make dog sims and cats sims dislike each other. sorry for wasting but this is a great mod and i cant wait to see what you do next.

  2. Bruna Silva

    It didn’t work for me. My sim remembered the Queen’s legend and received the sad moodlet, but after 24 hours, the buff was still there, saying “0 minutes” and nothing happened.

  3. afafafaf

    Does this work for older versions?

  4. Hedda

    I can help out I have a Norwegian Translation! It’s not very common but a lot of people in country(Norway) play the sims so… Thank You! I also just moved to America so that’s really awesome!

  5. Nicole Scott

    I hope you can make this into zip file because rar is hard to do. I will like to play it if you put it in zip file please.

  6. krazyunicorn09

    So I turned my sim into a mermaid (and fairy) he went to swim but sadly somehow died by drowning HOW when he is a mythical beast that can breath under water well that sim was kinda annoying

  7. keith maher

    its not going into my game 🙁

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