The Sims 4 MOD: Mermaid “Lifestate”~


Anyone that knows me knows I’ve always been a big fan of mermaid lore, so I was thrilled when they were introduced in TS3. With The Sims 4 being so easy to mod, I decided to try my hand at making a very simple version of the lifestate that would be entertaining to play, despite my lack of modding experience.

So, I present the Mermaid Trait! With this trait, along with a bit of INCREDIBLE custom content, you can create a wonderful addition to your supernatural saves.


Appearance: The trait itself does little to the appearance of your sim. Various moodlets will come with visual effects to add to the mystical vibe of a supernatural creature and the mermaids will all have glowing legs, but this mod doesn’t come with a fish tail. That’s why I HIGHLY recommend you download MermanSimmer’s incredible mermaid tails that can be found HERE . The tail featured in the pictures I included is a retexture of one of his creations that I made and is unavailable for download.

Siren Song: I drew from several mermaid myths when creating this trait and one of them was the legend that they have beautiful voices that enchant sailors. Their voices have a chorus effect and almost every singing action performed by a mermaid becomes a siren call. Any sim nearby when they sing will become very flirty and susceptible to romantic advances. Romantic relationships will increase at a much faster rate and mermaids never have to worry about their significant others losing interest.

Weaknesses: With any supernatural being, there are downsides. For instance, mermaids have an interesting relationship with the moon. When a mermaid is outside while the moon is overhead, they will be vulnerable to becoming Moonstruck. If you’re lucky, you might be able to avoid the moon’s power! If not, your mersim will be put into a dazed trance and they will be fairly incapacitated for a while unless they find other mermaids to help them. Aside from that, mermaids have to be sure to bathe or shower often to avoid any algae-related infections. If their hygiene drops too low, they may develop a special sickness that will interfere with their siren voice.

-Be Romantic

-“Amazed by the Human World”. Always active. Inspired +1.
-“Feeling Fishy”. Applied when a mermaid is swimming in swimwear. Increases the Hygiene motive. Happy +1.
-“Wow! A Mermaid!”. Applied to human that see a mermaid in swimwear. Energized +1.
-“Siren Song”. Applied to mermaids when they sing. Confident +5.
-“Siren Spelled”. Applied to humans that hear a mermaid sing. Flirty +3. 3 hrs.
-“Moonstruck”. Occasionally applied to mermaids who are outside at night. Dazed +10. 6hrs.
-“Lunar Energy”. Replaces Moonstruck moodlet when multiple mermaids are near each other. Focused +1000. 6 hrs.
-“Aquatic Laryngitis”. Occasionally applied when a mermaid’s hygiene is below 50%. Prevents Siren Song. Uncomfortable +3. 6hrs.
-“Horrible Noise!”. Applied to humans that hear a sick mermaid’s singing. Tense +3.


Commodity Changes:
-Singing skill gain x3
-Romantic relationship gain x3
-No Bladder decay


As I said before, I HIGHLY recommend using this trait in conjunction with MermanSimmer’s mermaid tails. If you use them as swimwear or as another swimwear outfit, you can really get creative with this. However, they are not necessary for this trait to function properly. Vampires, Get To Work, and City Living are all required because of the visual effects used and the fact that this trait heavily relies on the singing skill.

As far as other lifestates are concerned, this will not conflict with any other creature. Mermaids can also be Vampires, Aliens, Plantsims, Sorcerers (Triplis ), and Fairies (Nyx ).

Future Changes

In the future, I hope to expand on this trait. I have very limited experience with modding, but I hope to replace the hygiene need with a reskin of the Plantsim Water need, incorporate MermanSimmer’s tails in a more involved way, add various “powers”, find a cool way to assign the trait to sims, and many other things that I think will make this feel more like an actual creature than a trait. For now, it is available in the lifestyle section of CAS traits. If any more advanced modders are willing to lend their help, I would be very grateful!

Thank you for downloading and I would love any feedback or ideas for what you’d like to see in the future!

CC Featured:
MermanSimmer’s TAILS
Nenpy’s Fish Scales TATTOO

Additional Credits:
Sims4Studio for an exceptionally user-friendly program
Zerbu for the Mod Constructor that made my life 1000000x easier
WildWitch for offering great help to an aspiring modder


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