In The Mood


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In The Mood for The Sims 4

by MartyP

Available at The Sims Resource

Please take note that these poses replace the trait ACTIVE in CAS. Please click Creators Notes for additional explanations on how to use them.

Creator Notes

Please take note that these poses replace the trait “Active” in CAS.

To take great screenshots in CAS, your poses has to play slowly. To do that, you must enter a cheat code. Here’s how you do that:

In CAS press Shift + Alt + C Then a small bar will open on the top left of the screen, then enter casclockspeed 0.2 ( make sure there’s a space in between casclockspeed and 0.2 then click enter.

Go back to your trait “Active” and double click it.

NOTE: The sim will speak while making her poses, due to the trait “Active” . When you”ll get use to it, you will be able to take a good shot with timing.

Credits: Thank you to “sims 4 Studio” for the pose tutorial

ID: SC4-120359


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