Gender Filters For Sims 4 Clubs, Free Perks, 50 Members + More

CREATED BY plzsaysike

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The Sims 4 MOD: Gender Filters For Sims 4 Clubs, Free Perks, 50 Members + More

Available for download at Mod The Sims

finally you can have the rich b*tch or boys yacht club of your dreams, no impostors allowed! no more 8 member limit, and no more worrying about not having enough perks to buy the upgrades you want

FEATURESgender filter, under traitsup to 50 members (note, when you first make the club you will only be able to add 5, but afterwards you can add more. to add more than 8 members, you will have to have 7 or less members in the club. if you have more than 8 members and you still want to add more, remove the excess members and then add them back)all club perks are free
CHANGES TO WEALTH TIERS:poor -20k (previously under 10k)middle class 20-100k (previously 10-30k)wealthy 100k+ (previously 30k+)
as far as i’m aware the following mods are outdated and do not work anymore
All Perks Are Free by sasha973
Club Requirement: Gender Filters by Iam4ever
Gender Filters for Clubs by r3m


Additional Credits:
everyone on the creators hub @ deaderpool discord who have been so helpful and patient with me. chocolate, turbodriver, mizoreyukii, littlemssam, kuttoe, shinobu, flerb, and others. i’m bad with names so i definitely forgot some


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