• The Sims 4 Functional Drugs by basementalcc

    What is Basemental Drugs?

    Basemental Drugs is a collection of fully functional drugs and drug related activities for The Sims 4. The idea is to add more realism for people who want to add some illegal virtual flavour to their game.

    The mod features custom drugs, custom animations, altered walkstyles, altered moods, altered needs, come-ups, peaks, comedowns, hangovers, overdoses, addiction, buying and selling interactions and loads more.

    Basemental Drugs is base game compatible and works with the latest TS4 game patch.


    Learn more at basementalcc.com

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    1. Aly

      This mod is lowkey hilarious, I like it waaay more than i thought i would ahaha!
      Trying to figure out the bong was a bit complicated, but I had to play with it for a while before i could get it to work. I was surprised to see that guests actually take the pills and blunts when you set them out individually, so that was really cool, nice job!
      The only thing I’m having trouble with now is dealing in general. I’ve read the books and they’ve told me the perks I’m gaining, but I cant find the interaction to sell or anything, and I’ve clicked everything and everyone twice.

    2. kennedy

      ever since the update, i can’t sell drugs. sims call saying they’d like to buy some, but when they arrive i cant sell them anything.

    3. ORIANA

      i cant use it i dont know how HELP

    4. Joe

      Every time I try to use it shows a message “Script call failed” HELP

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