Fairies Mod V1.5

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The Sims 4 MOD: Fairies Mod V1.5

Picked Upload! This is a picked upload! It showcases some of the best talent and creativity available on MTS and in the community.

CLARIFYING: To have the vesrion 1.5 of the mod, you have to download only “Nyx_FairyMod V1.5.rar”


After a lot of work, sweat and tears, I have finally completed this update, let’s see what does it add! :


Fairies are now capable of using some magic abilities! First of all, there are Auras:
– They can cast between 5 magic auras, that are Aura of Soothing, of Body and Mind, of Creativity, of Discomfort and of Idiocy.
= Aura of Soothing (+20 Happy)
Will make sims very happy, it will highly increase their fun and social needs, and will receive a boost in social skills.
= Aura of Body and Mind (+10 Focused)
Will make sims learn the logic and fitness skills much faster!
= Aura of Creativity (+10 Inspired)
Musical and Artistic skills will be learnt much faster!
= Aura of Discomfort (+10 Sadness)
The exact opposite of the “Aura of Soothing”, it will highly decrease the fun and social needs and learning abilities is a bit harder.
= Aura of Idiocy
Sims won’t learn any skill and everytime they interact with someone, they’ll be automatically enemies! (Because sims will think they’re too stupid to talk too) So If you want your sim to learn an ability or to have GOOD RELATIONSIPS, then don’t use this aura (Obviously!).
If you don’t want the sims around you to have auras, there’s an interaction, that is ”dispel near auras” which will remove the aura from the sims near the fairy (and the fairy itself).

-Magic Energy-

Everytime a Fairy casts an aura they’ll receive the “Out of Magic Energy” (+6 dazed) buff that lasts 6 hours!
What are the consequences of this buff? Well, you cannot use any magical ability except one interaction that I’m gonna talk about below.
If you don’t want to wait for the buff to expire you can do a “Recharging Meditation”, an interaction that will appear only if you’re out of magic energy! Doing this, your sim will sit on the ground, and focusing on gaining magic energy.
The meditation brings an advantage and a disadvantage:
= Advantage: You’ll receive the “Full of magic energy” (+4 Energetic) buff, that will last 2 hours. What is the advantage of this? Well, during the presence of this buff, you are able to cast any aura, without receiving the “Out of magic energy” buff.
= Disadvantage: Once the buff expires, everything goes back to normal and you’ll receive the “Out of Magic Energy” buff everytime you cast an aura. What’s the disadvantage? If you receive the dazed buff, you won’t be able to meditate again BUT you’ll have to wait 5 in-game hours in order to do that again.
SO which will you use? Patience or Cheats?

-Colored wings!-

Now Fairies will be able to change their wings’s colors! The options available are:
Default, Black, Yellow, White, Red, Pink and Green!

-Bug Fixes and things you can no longer do-

= Fixed the fact that sims wouldn’t do the “I can fly!” interaction while sitting.
= Now Fairies can wear glasses.
= You can’t create a fairy with CAS, so to be a fairy you’ll have to use the tree.

That’s all for this update! I hope you like it


General Informations about the mod:

-First of all: Fairies!-

Yes, you can now control a new occult, that is the fairy life state. Fairies have some changes and bonuses:

– They have a pair of wings and pointy ears! (NOTE: You can’t wear hats nor glasses as a fairy. Sorry…)
– They have 1 new interaction, that is “I Can Fly!” (Interaction [not animation] from the Sims 3 Supernatural) where they’ll fly around increasing the fun need.
– Most of the time, they won’t walk, but fly! (NOTE: They will walk when feeling bored, unconfortable and energic. They will also walk if they have a custom walkstyle! So make sure to give them the default walkstyle in order to fly!)
– They will perform a special idle animation from time to time.
– Their fun and social will drop slightly faster than normal.
– The Mischief skill now develops MUCH faster! Fairies are really mischievous!
– They will occasionally have two buffs:
= “Feeling Playful” (+3 playful)
= “Where’s the fun?!?” (+4 Bored)
– Children, Childish and Insane sims will continuously react when they see a fairy receiving the “Wow! A Fairy!” (+6 happy) Buff for 6 hours (NOTE: After the buff expires they will have it again if they see a fairy again)
– They will have sparkles behind their back! (NOTE: They might dissappear sometimes, but don’t worry they will re-appear if you change the lot or go in CAS)

-How to be a Fairy?-

So, to have a fairy you can use two methods:

(ONLY IN V1.0!) Create one from cas, the trait can be found under the “Lifestyle” category (They’ll have -1 trait, because that space is going to be needed for the trait)
– Receive the fairies’s blessing by pleading the fairies from the “Fairies’s tree” (The trait will add to the others, instead of taking space, THIS IS THE ONLY METHOD)
– Children and below can’t be fairies

-What is the “Fairies’s tree”-

A legend says that this tree was watered by a fairy queen’s tears, and now is protected by fairies, who will curse or bless (your point of view) any sim who will plead to this tree by turning them into fairies as well. Why would the sim plead for a tree? Well some sims say that the tree brings a lot of fortune! Of course, this is all just a legend… Or not…? Who knows!
It can be found in build mode, in the “trees” section.

-What can you do with this tree?-

This tree has 2 interactions on it! :

– They can “Contemplate the tree”, this will lead the sim to observe it…. Obviously!
– They can “Plead the fairies” and this will bring the sim to transform into a fairy after praying. BE CAREFUL THOUGH! A fairy cannot return into a human, so choose wisely…

Additional Credits:
– Big thanks to siminimonster and dystopianam (Their tumblr name) to have supported me during the creation of this mod.
– Big thanks also to notegain (Their tumblr name) to have created the beautiful elf ears used to create this mod.


  1. Sapphire Lynch

    Do you know why the sims tree doesn’t show up in game

  2. kaylee

    i cant dowload the mod and if u can tell the ceater thats the link is broken

  3. Katie

    So… the mod would be a good mod if I could find the tree. Any idea on how to find it if it’s not showing up?? Thanks!

  4. Ella

    its not a zip folder just a normall folder >.< help

  5. Unknown

    Can you please make a .zip version of this like with the mermaids mod? I would really like that, and I’m sure lots of other people would too, because .rar files won’t work on my computer.

  6. Alexa

    As of yesterday, this mod is broken.

  7. Alexa

    Also in order to use this, you can use these steps… (For Windows)
    -Download Win Rar (https://www.win-rar.com/download.html?&L=0)
    -Download the mod
    -Pull mod off the bar at the bottom of your browser and put it on the front page of your computer
    -Left click file
    -Click “Extract to (File name)”
    -A new folder will show up and double click that
    -It should open in file explorer and package files should be there
    -Add those files to your Mods folder
    -And you can play with the mod!
    –This works for any rar file–

  8. katelyn vertefeuille

    i tried this method ^^^ above for the broken mod and it works but i cant see any words, all the options u can select like auras and wing color is blank, but still works, and all the notification wall and emotion texts boxs are empty as well ????

  9. katelyn

    i tried this method ^^^ above for the broken mod and it works but i cant see any words, all the options u can select like auras and wing color is blank, but still works, and all the notification wall and emotion texts boxs are empty as well ????

  10. Sugurii

    The tree dosent show up? can i please get a Little help?

  11. pennat napole

    why cant I find v1.0?

  12. vfgtweji frgwegweuigftweigh

    I wanna make one is CAS came you please add that?

  13. Agerhuiheruih Kfhyergu

    bdfmcawefiopweh2uoy348905rop76gy4it534tvk ret12hgttf bvjtrytrawiu507YO3UTYJITHEUI

  14. Hinnayegh Pannam

    unay pot nummm yatttta katttelllan wasssssssupppon und ets callan hell oppi connim

  15. Charli Denalio

    can someone add the link to V1.0 please

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