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The Sims 4 Career:

Available for download at Mod The Sims

This is a remake of the Sims 1 Xtreme Career while also incorporating some of the Sims 2 Adventurer career. I?m really excited to share this as it?s been a labor of love and a ton of testing time. I really wanted this for myself after Snowy Escape came and brought another boring office career. What if my adventurous sims wanted to make a career out of their adventurous pursuits?! Thus this was born.

Xtreme Career
This career is a semi-active career in that you do have work from home assignments. It is also an active career in that while you do have to go in to work rabbithole-style for a few hours a day, most of the career focuses on your sim going out and doing things in addition to building skills. I really wanted it to feel like your Sims were experiencing all the physical and adventure activities Sims 4 offers without making it too complicated.

Semi-Active career with work from home assignments
Progressively shorter work hours to complete out-in-world objectives
Custom social and computer interactions specific to career
Money and helpful object rewards for most promotions

This career requires a few expansion packs as I really wanted it to be immersive. It also requires a custom mod.

Packs *REQUIRED*: Jungle Adventures, Island Living, and Snowy Escape

Custom Mod *REQUIRED*: Ilkavelle made a mod to separate swimming from Fitness and make it a separate skill. This skill is required in order to advance in this career. Please download this free mod HERE

Skills Needed:
Swimming* (Requires custom mod mentioned above and found here )
Rock Climbing

Work from Home Assignments:
Gain Fitness Skill
Check Info Board to Learn about Mt. Komorebi
Research Workout Tips
Go Boxing at the Gym
Go Rock Climbing with Gear

1. Intern:
$15/hr, M-F
Your life of adventure has begun! You’ll need to head to the gym if you want to move out of the office for some real adventure! Creative skills will help you here. Right now you’re focusing on building up stamina while learning basic survival skills like cooking and handiness.

2.Sports Journalist:
$25/hr, M,W,T,F,Su
As a sports journalist, you focus on xtreme sports and reporting. You spend a lot of time watching sports, attending sporting events,
taking photos, and writing news stories. Pretty soon you hope to put your background skills to practical use.

3.Bungee Jumping Instructor
$35/hr, W-Su
The salary stinks – but whoever thought that you’d get paid to do this? Body skills are critical here; nutrition and fatigue must be carefully monitored at home. You might invest in home gym equipment as well, to keep in the best shape possible.

4. Whitewater Guide
$45/hr, M-T, Th-S
You’re in charge of the rafts bobbing around Sulani. Hope your body skills are sufficient – to advance here, your paying riders need to have confidence in your strength. Never know when you might have some boat repairs to do, so mechanical aptitude is a plus.

$55/hr, M-F
You are fearless as you explore the deepest caves throughout the world. Your co-workers hold their breath every time you attempt another dangerous expedition.

6.Deep Sea Excavator
$75/hr, M,T, Th, F
There is no depth too deep or sea creature too scary for you. The adventuring is picking up and your fame is spreading.

7.Treasure Hunter
$125/hr, M,T,Th,F
You’ve moved on to salvaging wrecks off the Sulani coastline and digging for treasure in the Salvadorada jungle. Hopefully you’ve saved up some simeoleons for the equipment needed for your adventures. Sometimes you have to spend money to find invaluable treasure!

8. Winter Sports Enthusiast
$200/hr, M,W,F
While spelunking and water sports have thus far more than paid the bills – not to mention that treasure hunting stint – in an effort to really up your skills and push your limits, you desire to seek cooler xtreme adventures. Snowboarding and skiing are all the rage and you know just where to go to get the best powder – Mt. Komorebi.

9. Mountain Climber
$275/hr, T-Th
You’ve become a renowned climber of unscaleable peaks, and there’s lots of rewards to be reaped by pushing yourself further. Physical and athletic skills will be important–a failure in your ascent gear or strategy could be devasting

10. Xtreme Circuit Pro
$325/hr, T,Th
Snowboards in winter, mountain bikes in spring, kayaks in summer, and skateboards in fall – you’ve entered the year-round pro circuit. You’re at the top of your game and no amount of risk came without its rewards.

A note about the salary: I tried to keep it in Maxis range, but I feel it’s so unrealistic, so I do have a lower salary version as I play with 50% salaries cut. If anyone is interested in that version just let me know.

Additional Credits:
Zerbu’s Mod Constructor

MissyHissy and MizoreYukii for help with instance ID and tags.

Ilkavelle for her amazing mod and kindly tweaking it to accommodate mine.


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