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Published May 10, 2022


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Sim City Career-Technical Institute is offering FREE admission into their exclusive Trade School programs! This course of study includes academic in the first level and a paid internship in the second level. At the completion of the second level, your Sims are guaranteed job placement with prospects for quick promotion!

**This is a ‘rabbit-hole’ career mod.**

Let’s face it. Not everyone … I mean every Sim … is destined to attend university. Some Sims just want to learn a trade skill and get to work! Well now they can! (This mod is designed for storytelling!) Your Sims can “enroll” in the Sim City Career-Technical Institute, study (build their skills), and take a job in one of five areas.

This mod is basically a career with 5 branches. Discover University and Get to Work are NOT required! NOTE: I have included a variety of uniforms at various levels that use CAS items from several packs. If you do not have the packs, your Sims may dress in other clothing.

What’s Included:

  • This mod contains 5 Career Branches for Sims and one optional base game Library.
  • Additionally, thanks to Tralfaz, your Sims can take ONLINE Skill Classes in a number of skill areas! These classes are available to ALL Sims, not just the ones who “enroll in Trade School”!
  1. Administrative Office Technology – Sims who complete the Administrative Office Technology program are prepared for careers in office administration. (Includes Receptionist, Secretary, and Bookkeeper among others.)
  2. Construction Technology – Sims who complete the Construction Technology program are prepared for careers in building trades. (Includes Mason, Carpenter, Plumber, and Electrician among others.)
  3. Culinary Technology – Sims who complete the Culinary Technology program are prepared to assume positions as trained culinary professionals. (Includes Line Cook, Pastry Chef, and Sous Chef among others.)
  4. Early Childhood Technology – Sims who complete the Early Childhood Technology program are prepared to assume positions as trained daycare professionals and preschool educators (among others).
  5. Healthcare Technology – Sims who complete the Healthcare Technology program are prepared to assume positions as trained healthcare professionals, such as paramedics, nursing assistants, and RNs (among others).


  • This mod requires only the base game.

How to install:

  • Download and unzip the file (Winrar or 7-Zip are your best options.)
  • Move the .package file into your Sims 4 Mods folder (Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods).
  • If a Mod has more than one version, choose only one version.
  • If a Mod has optional Addons, install them in the same way if you wish to use them.
  • Do not rename any files and do not install more than one subfolder deep in your Mods folder.
  • To install the base game Library – move the files into your TRAY folder, not your MOD folder.

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