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Published February 12, 2021

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The Sims 4 Career: SimsTuber

Available for download at Mod The Sims

Semi-Active Career with work from home assignments.

Career Features:
Short work hours
28 work from home assignments
More fame opportunities
Unlocked interactions
New career tones

Requires: City Living and Get Famous
: Lumpinou’s Mood Pack (for custom moodlets). Get it Free HERE

Sims.Tube Dabbler
M-F, $20/hr
{0.SimFirstName} has just stepped a toe into the world of as a self-made media star. {M0.He}{F0.She}will need to quickly hone {M0.his}{F0.her} charisma skills, setup their following, communicate often with followers, and make enough money to buy equipment and handiness skill to fix the equipment already owned.
Promotion Tasks: Reach Level 5 Charisma, Create Social Media Profile

Sims.Tube Amateur
M-F, $60/hr
{0.SimFirstName} has a small but dedicated following. Spending time perfecting {M0.his}{F0.her} website and working on programming skills, increasing charisma and reach by advertising and reviewing products, and recording and uploading even more videos is sure to pay off.
Promotion Tasks: 25000 Followers, Level 2 Fame, Engage with Followers 15 Times

Sims.Tube Rising Star
M-Th, $100/hr
Finally, {0.SimFirstName} is gaining some more widespread recognition. While {M0.he}{F0.she} is certainly reaching new heights, reputation, charisma, and a steady stream of content should continue to push {M0.him}{F0.her} over the edge of the competition.
Promotion Tasks: Max Charisma, Upload 30 Videos, Level 3 Fame

Sims.Tube Personality
T-Th, $250/hr
Finally, {0.SimFirstName} has charisma, star power, and some minor sponsorships. As word grows and {M0.he}{F0.she} gains an even bigger following, more advertising dollars, more sponsors, more fans, and more opportunities will arise. Onward to the top!
Promotion Tasks: Upload Viral Video, Level 4 Fame, 250000 Followers

Sims.Tube Celebrity
T, W, $450/hr
A bonafide Sims.Tube Celebrity in {M0.his}{F0.her} own right. With fame, money, deals, and more, {0.SimFirstName} has made it to the top and {M0.his}{F0.her} influence knows no bounds! What’s next? Commercials? TV? Movies? You name it!

Media Production

Work from Home Assignments
Watch Television to Change Mood
Level up Charisma Skill
Add to Simstagram Story
Record an Emotional Vlog
Update Social Media 5 Times
Upload 2 Images
Record Cooking Video
Charity Stream
Take Research Photos in 5 Different Locations
Upload 10 Photos to Simstagram
Record 3 Product Reviews
Record Fashion or Beauty Tips
Check-in at 2 Different Locations
Make Video Improvements
Repair or Upgrade 4 Objects
Transfer Videos from Drone
Upload Videos
Record DIY Video
Status Update at 3 Different Locations
Reach Level 4 Programming Skill
Upgrade Drone Video Quality
Update Video Station
Post Updates on Video Station
Study Trends
Advertise Minor Product
Livestream for 4 Hours
Record Fitness Video
Shout out from 4 Different Neighborhoods

Additional Credits:
Zerbu’s Mod Constructor
Lumpinou’s Mood Pack


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