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Published April 9, 2021
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Why I made this mod: 

This is a mod I made because I felt like the school system in TS4 was so simple and unrealistic, it drove me crazy, so I revamped it, and I am sharing it with you guys! I hope you like, it is something that I spent weeks, followed by months on, getting it to work in game was the hardest part. Anyways, I hope you enjoy it, your Sims can have a fresh breath of a realistic school system now!!!


This is a pretty big mod, as I spent a while on each individual feature, trying to find ways to improve it and add things for all life stages.




Active Daycare Event

There is now an active daycare event in the event picker. 


Active Daycare Mod


Tired of going down the rabbit hole? Then go to the active daycare!!!




New Lot Trait

There is currently only one at the moment, but I will add on to it. It causes toddlers to spawn during daycare hours.




Toddler Sims will spawn here during daycare hours.




I added three new, toddler-exclusive traits. 



Little Enginieer!


This sim is a huge fan of vehicles!!!




Little Princess


This sim is a pint-sized princess!!!




Little Know-It-All!!!


This Sim is a little know it all…




Yep, this is a thing now. I do know this is so unoriginal, as two other modders have done it. However, I was curious so I decided, you know what, why not do it.

This module comes with two new events, you book them both from your Phone. You can choose goaled or not goaled, however, you get no rewards if you don’t do goals.¬†


-Active Elementary School

-Active High School.

Both of these cost 0 simoleons.

An NPC Teacher, Counselor, and Principal will spawn onto the lot, for both of these.



I have added Boarding School, because I missed it from TS3, very much. Your Sims have four options for schools, all are for child/teen Sims.

-Windenburg Prep School

-The Glimmerbrook School For Witches

-Villareal Academy

-StrangerVille Military Academy




I included these, because I wanted more extracurriculars, and I felt as there wasn’t enough. Plus, your Sims need something fun to do after school. That is where the extracurriculars step in. You can find them in the career picker, in the part time jobs section.


There are 100+ new activities included:

Academic Clubs:

* Architecture Club 

* Astronomy Club

* Biology Club

* Chemistry Club

* Coding Club

* Economics Club

* Electronics Club

* Engineering Club

* English Club

* History Club

* Life Sciences Club

* Literature Club

* Peer Tutoring

* Poetry Club

* Physics Club

* Psychology Club

* Literary Magazine Club

* Math Club

* Robotics Club

* Science National Honors Society

* Trivia and Quiz Club

* Web Design Club

* Writing Club


Artistic Clubs:

* Animation Club

* Anime/Manga Club

* Art Club

* Blacksmithing Club

* Cartooning Club

* Ceramics Club

* Drama Club

* Fashion Design Club

* Graphic Design Club

* Jewelry Making Club

* Photography Club

* Sculpture Club

* Sewing Club

* Community Theater Program

* Video Game Development Club

* Weaving Club

* Woodworking Club


Governmental Clubs:

* Community Youth Board

* Student Council

* Student Gov

* Community Government


Music Clubs:

* Chamber Music Group

* Concert Band

* Marching Band

* Jazz Band

* Orchestra

* School Choir


Performance Arts Clubs:

* Comedy Club

* Choreography

* Classic Film Club

* Film Production Club

* Miming Club

* Puppetry Club

* Slam Poetry Club


Roleplaying Clubs:

* Dungeons and Dragons Club

* Gamers Club

* Live Action Role Playing Club


Activism Clubs:

* Amnesty International 

* Animal Rights Club

* Breast Cancer Awareness

* Cancer Foundation

* Environmental Club

* Gay-Straight Alliance

* Girls Lean International

* National Organization for Women


Misc. Clubs:

* Boy Scouts

* Chess Club

* Equestrian Club

* Entrepreneurship Club

* Girl Scouts

* Horticulture Club

* Model Railroads


Political Clubs:

* Debate Club

* Foreign Affairs Club

* Forensics Team

* Mock Trial Club

* Mock Congress Club

* Speech Club


Sports Teams:

* Baseball Team

* Basketball Team 

* Bodybuilding Team

* Cheerleading

* Climbing Team

* Cycling Team

* Dance Team

* Fencing Team

* Football Team

* Golf Team

* Gymnastics Team

* Hiking Club

* Hockey Team

* Lacrosse Team

* Martial Arts Team

* Skateboarding Club

* Skiing Team

* Soccer Team

* Swim Team

* Tennis Team

* Track Team

* Ultimate Frisbee Team

* Volleyball Team

* Water Polo Team




I have added grade levels. Your Sim can enter a grade, and they can get held back, or they can skip a grade, depending on performance.



Elementary School has 6 levels.


Elementary School (Grades K-5)


Your Sim’s education journey awaits! Welcome to the fun part of school, elementary school! Your Sims will go here then when they go to 6th grade, well… be prepared…


Level 1: Kindergarten

Level 2: 1st Grade

Level 3: 2nd Grade

Level 4: 3rd Grade

Level 5: 4th Grade

Level 6: 5th Grade



Middle School has 3 levels.


Middle School (Grades 6-8)


Middle School! Changing friendships, boring work, and stricter teachers await!


Level 1: 6th Grade

Level 2: 7th Grade

Level 3: 8th Grade



High School has 4 levels.


High School (Grades 9-12)


High School! College preporation, more homework, and sweaty gym shorts await!


Level 1: 9th Grade (Freshman)

Level 2: 10th Grade (Sophomore)

Level 1: 11th Grade (Junior)

Level 2: 12th Grade (Senior)




This is a graduate school option for Adults to go to after they graduate from college. There are 3 levels of this new opportunity 


Graduate School


Go here after you graduate college!!!



Level 1: Bachelors Degree

Level 2: Masters Degree

Level 3: PhD/Doctorate Degree




I have added private school to the game. I wanted private school because I spent my entire life in private school, and not in public school.


Landgraab Academy Private School


5 Levels:

Level 1: New Kid

Level 2: Getting Up There!

Level 3: Nerdy Sim

Level 4: Teachers Pet

Level 5: School Legend




I decided to add this, because I wanted this opportunity to send my Sims to Sunday School to torture them. Just Kidding! I made it because I wanted the ability.


Sunday School


Go here to have some faith, and maybe go to a religious ceremony. 


Level 1: Worshipper

Level 2: Intermediate Worshipper

Level 3: Advanced Worshipper

Level 4: Expert Worshipper

Level 5: Saint


I hope you find this helpful and useful, because as I said, I worked such a long time on it.


Thank you,





Additional Credits:

-TS4 Mod Constructor by Zerbu 


  1. Emma

    Just realized how early i am to this mod, super excited to try it out, if a little confused on how the kids go to school. Looks super indepth and awesome though!!

  2. FangirlEpicness

    This mod seems really cool. Just wanted to know if it was base game compatible?

  3. Shayna Davis

    i download the mod its still not working

  4. e

    4. Put the ENTIRE FOLDER in Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods. DO NOT DELETE ANY OF THE .TS4SCRIPT FILES OR THE MOD WILL NOT WORK!

  5. Deniz

    unfortunately the mod doesn’t work

  6. Lily

    Thank you so much for making this you’re amazing

  7. lily

    do you need discover university for this

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