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The Sims 4 Career: Firefighter Career (Sims 3 Remake)

Looking for a career where your Sims can save lives? Well, here is the career for your Sims who want to fight destructive fires and be a hero!*

A remake of Sims 3 Firefighter Career. I have only changed the pay rates.
PTO is 0.2 per day.
Career created using Base Game and GV is

Level 1: Waterboy/Watergirl 15/hr
Skills Needed: Fitness and Handiness 1
Noble intentions and a heroic stride will only get you so far. Grit, courage, and know-how around the fire station and amidst a five-alarm blaze are the only thing that will earn you a promotion. Watch the alarm and be ready to respond to emergencies.

Level 2: Soot Stripper 20/hr
Skills Needed: Fitness and Handiness 2
You’ve survived your first few emergencies and the town is still standing! Your service is not going unnoticed, but that doesn’t mean you’re a true firefighter yet – only time spent in the middle of the fire will earn that title!

Level 3: Fire Safety Instructor* 40/hr
Monday – Friday
Skills Needed: Fitness and Handiness 3
Your fellow fire fighters have begun to respect your savvy and swagger amidst an inferno, which means you have a voice in the station. Teach when possible and stand out as a veteran.

Level 4:*Hose Handler 50/hr
Monday – Friday
Skills Needed: Fitness and Handiness 4
Bigger fires require a bigger hose. the blazes are getting hotter and the alarms are screaming louder. Keep pushing yourself to protect the citizenry and your valor will not go unnoticed.

Level 5: Fireman/Firewoman 60/hr
Monday – Friday
Skills Needed: Fitness and Handiness 5
The infernos have grown to the point where holding your breath will no longer cut it. The city has increased its budget to supply you with the latest in breathing tank technology. Equip them, trust them, and rely on them as they are your lifeline in a fire.

Level 6: Fire Sergeant 70/hr
Monday – Friday
Skills Needed: Fitness and Handiness 6
With veterancy and prestige comes rank and seniority. As a fire sergeant your duties have increased and your fellow fire fighters look to you more and more for direction and leadership when the heat is turned up.

Level 7: Fire Captain 80/hr
Monday – Friday
Skills Needed: Fitness and Handiness 7
It’s been a long time coming but as the Captain of the station you are now the expert on frontline fire fighting tactics. Point your team in the right direction and get every victim out alive. When it’s this hot there’s no room for error.

Level 8: Backdraft Specialist 90/hr
Monday – Friday
Skills Needed: Fitness and Handiness 8
Fire fighters and departments around the world now look to you as the expert on freak fire fighting occurrences, such as building collapses, gas leaks, and of course, backdrafts. Nobody knows the nature of the fire better than you – your reputation precedes you wherever you go.

Level 9: Assistant Fire Chief 125/hr
Skills Needed: Fitness and Handiness 10 (Max)
The station doesn’t run without the Chief or the right hand – you. Make sure transactions with City Hall politicians go smoothly and the needs of the citizens are addressed by the firefighters under your command.

Level 10: Fire Chief 250/hr
Monday – Friday
No skills needed, should reach max Fitness and Handiness by Level 9 of career.
It’s been a long and distinguished career, but the title of Chief has been bestowed upon you. City Hall believes in you, the citizenry relies on you, and your fellow fire fighters trust you without question. Your noble stewardship over the community will not be forgotten by anyone any time soon.

No chance cards, no career outfits (choose your own) and this career is Base Game Compatible.

Do not share without my permission. The only other place this Career is available is on my personal blog and MTS.

Thanks and Enjoy!


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