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Published June 7, 2021
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Dance Star

So, you want to dance. Better get practising. It’s not easy keeping up with the pros, but you’ve got dreams, and you’re going to chase them. 

Level 1: Auditions

You’re in studios six days a week, but it’s not the glitz and glam you were hoping for. Hours of auditions await, and not a simoleons to be made. Yet. You’ll have to work some odd jobs to get by, and find time to train. It’ll be hard going, but someday, you might just get a studio to call home.   


M T W T F S –

Dance level 1 / Fitness level 1

Level 2: Studio Regular

Trainers at a studio have noticed you. You’re not a pro yet, but at least you only have to attend one studio. And they’re paying to keep you around. Keep training and showcase what you can do. You might get a chance on the stage sooner than you think. 


M T W T F – –

Dance level 1 / Fitness level 2

Level 3: Backup Dancer

You’re learning the choreography of the latest shows, so if the need arises you can fill a place… In the back. At least you might get on stage?


– – W T F S S

Dance level 2 / Fitness level 3 / Charisma 1

Level 4: Dancer

You’re starting to shine. You’re in the latest dances on stage weekly at the local shows. Time to give up those side gigs and focus. You might be the next lead dancer?


– – W T F S S

Dance level 3 / Fitness level 4 / Charisma 2

Level 5: Lead Dancer

You’re centre stage. It might not be a big stage, but its still yours. Keep working and hone those skills. Your chance to make it is approaching fast. 


– – W T F S S

Dance level 4 / Fitness level 4 / Charisma 3

Choose a Track: GlassHouse Ballet Studio or Renegade Contemporary Dance Studio

GlassHouse Ballet Studio

You’ve caught the eye of the GlassHouse Ballet Studio. Work hard, hone your skills and prove your worth. Do you have what it takes to make it as a Principal Dancer?

Level 6: Apprentice

This feels like a bit of a step back, but you’re the new kid on the floor. The standards are high and you’ve got to prove your worth. Train hard and focus. You’ll be on the stage again soon. 


– – W – F S S

Dance level 5/ Fitness level 5 / Charisma 4

Level 7: Corps De Ballet

You’re on stage, as a backdrop for the principal dancers. But at least you’re on stage. 


– – W – F S S

Fitness level 6 / Charisma 5

Level 8: Demi-soloist

You’ve got a partner now. Dancing a mirror image with someone on a regular basis isn’t bad. But some day, you’ll shine solo.


– – W – F S S

Fitness level 7 / Charisma 6

Level 9: Soloist

You perform a majority of the solo and minor roles now. You’re not the star yet, but you’re almost there. 


– – W – F S S

Fitness level 8 / Charisma 7

Level 10: Principal Dancer

You’re the star. You’ve made it to the top of the ballet world. Not only do you perform solos, you lead shows. Swan Lake, Nutcracker… The title doesn’t matter. If there’s a lead, its you. 


– – W – F S S

Fitness level 10 / Charisma 8

Renegade Contemporary Dance Studio

Performances, music videos, competitions. Contemporary, jazz, tap. You name it, you do it. You’ve chosen the competitive path. Prove you can master any piece, or you’ll end up stuck in the background. 

Level 6: Background Dancer

This feels like a bit of a step back, but you’re the new kid on the floor, and someone’s got to do the small roles. Work hard, train harder. You’ll get a more important role eventually.


M – – T F S S

Fitness level 5 / Charisma 4

Level 7: Understudy

You’re still in the background and now you have to learn twice as many steps. But, if something happens, you know the moves to step up.


M – – T F S S

Dance level 5/ Fitness level 7 

Level 8: Team Dancer

You’ve finally made it official. You’re part of the team. Performances, music videos, competitions, they’re you’re seen. Sure you’re doing the same as everyone else, but at least people can see you.


M – – T F S S

Fitness level 8 / Charisma 5

Level 9: Team Leader

 You’re the leader of the group. If you miss a step, your group could fail. Keep on top of training, and set a good example. Those solo’s can’t be far away.


– – – T F S S

Fitness level 9 / Charisma 6

Level 10: Soloist

 You’ve made it, you’re a star. The group is in the background, but you shine on your own. Don’t miss a beat, there’s no one to cover you now. You’re centre stage.


– – – T F S S

Fitness level 10 / Charisma 7

(Please note, this is my first MOD Career. Feed back welcome)


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