Buyable Collection Dig Sites


Published October 19, 2017

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Buyable Collection Dig Sites for The Sims 4

by Snaitf

Available at The Sims Resource

Buyable Collection Dig Sites

Here we have both the Fallen Log and Rock Outcroppings made available to purchase in buy mode.

These are the items you can interact with to obtain collectibles, such as fossils, elements, frogs, and the like.

Or, if you like, simply use them for decoration.

They are both available under Decorations – Miscellaneous

These are one-time use items. Once dug up, they go away.
They do NOT respawn on their own.

They must be placed outside and on terrain.

The rock will have a random appearance after placing it, depending on what collectibles it contains.
Such as just being a rock, or having colored bits, or having crystals.

ID: SC4-104887


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