Become a Sorcerer (Choose your Alignment and unlock Spells!) for The Sims 4

Create by Triplis

Available at Mod The Sims

Make your sim a Sorcerer, cast Spells, be Light or Dark, and tend to your Magical Connection Need

ID: SC4-180004

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  1. melanie

    I can’t do this and I having problems with this and this mod but not working for me ????

  2. eilish gleeson

    how does this mod work

  3. Alexa DeStefano

    It tells me that it was taken down.

  4. Kelsey

    If you have trouble with this mod : Go into build/buy and purchase the purple lump of clay. Investigate the clay and BOOM sorcerer! <3

  5. peyton

    i cant find the download

  6. peyton

    what is the link to download the mod

  7. elsa

    it says it been taken down and i cant download it 🙁

  8. Carly

    Can someone give me the link to download it says taken down

  9. Anon

    from the looks of things it got moved to patreon :/ so the dev is selling it now (essentailly)

    sadly this is illegal so i sharn’t be partaking. now he’s earning money from it, it no longer falls under fair use and EA is well within their rights to sue if they want.. kiss this mod g’bye boys, it’s gonna get a cease and decist soon.

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