Beach Yoga




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Have you ever dreamed of doing yoga right on the beach? Now it is now possible to do yoga on a beach towel and as a side effect also use a yoga mat as a beach towel. You want to be more flexible, don’t you? Of course, to be able to carry out these interactions, you need the SPA Day pack and the Island Living pack. The XML Injector from Scumbumbo is required!

Yoga on the beach can also be in a bathing suit, or even naked… right? Your Sims will no longer be forced to put on gym gear when doing yoga! If they were already naked or in a bathing suit, then they will continue doing yoga without having to change. If they were dressed differently, they will change into sportswear. But when it’s hot and they’re at the beach, they automatically switch to swimsuits and not gym clothes when doing yoga.


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