• This set contains:
    Bathtub Tray: 14 swatches.
    Mason Jar Sponges: 1 swatch.
    Bath Natural Sponge: 1 swatch.
    Bathroom Rugs: 31 swatches.
    Bathroom Toothbrush: 23 swatches.
    Brass Toilet Paper Holder: 3 swatches.
    Calla Lily Flower Arrangement: 4 swatches.
    Ferm living Trine Andersen Pendant Lights: 6 swatches.
    France Bathroom Towel Rack: 68 swatches.
    Freestanding Bathtub: 69 swatches.
    Freestanding Shelf with Lights: 13 swatches.
    Hemp Rope Candle Holder L (Requires perfect patio pack): 3 swatches.
    Hemp Rope Candle Holder S (Requires perfect patio pack): 3 swatches.
    Hotel Ceramic Luxury Golden One Piece Toilet: 65 swatches.
    Lampadari Wall Light: 3 swatches.
    Marble Floors: 10 swatches.
    Mason Jar Soaps: 22 swatches.
    Scandinavian Geometric Metal Design Planter (slotted): 5 swatches.
    Susie Metal Storage Cart: 5 swatches.
    Unislope 1K Copper Shower: 3 swatches.
    Wan Fan Soap Holder: 3 swatches.
    Bathroom Window: 1 swatch.
    Mason Jar L: 1 swatch.
    Mason Jar XL: 1 swatch.
    Mason Jar M: 1 swatch.
    Mason Jar S: 1 swatch.
    Mason Jar XS: 1 swatch.
    Bathroom Mirror: 26 swatches.
    Deco Q-Tips: 1 swatch.
    Toilet Ladder: swatches.
    Toothbrush Holder: 69 swatches.
    Bathroom Tray: 66 swatches.
    Bathroom Wallpaper: 6 swatches.
    Bobby Pins (deco): 5 swatches.
    Bathroom Door: 24 swatches.
    Soap Dispenser: 69 swatches.
    Bathroom Counter (slotted): 96 swatches.
    Bathroom sink (standalone so it can be used
    in combination with the bathroom counter): 8 swatches.
    *To find this set in game type SVD Bathroom Stuff Pack in the game search bar.

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