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This is a 9 piece set I created for my 7-Eleven store (I will upload my build soon). This comes with 3 different counters with 2 color swatches, a hot chocolate machine, POS system with terminal, propane cage with tank & 4 slots, and an ice machine!
I created using Blender, Sims 4 Studio, & Photoshop.

I accept requests, it might take a few days/weeks as I have many requests I’m currently fullfilling along with my current creations. Donations always accepted-

Just download to your mods folder and unzip! All of my CC you can find by searching JCTekkSims in game. Please enjoy!


  1. DepressedSimmer

    AMAZING AS ALWAYS!!! You are the best.

  2. Ines

    I love all signs you make. I read on the description that you accept requests, so I would like to know if you can make these once you have some free time. I will be grateful FOR LIFE. I´ve searched and so far nobody has made these signs: Marco’s Pizza, Dairy Queen, Bojangles, GameStop (nintendo playstation XBOX CC). The other ones I love, you already made

  3. AngelRain94

    Yessss thank you !! This is AMAZING

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