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Published January 4, 2021

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-Chantelle Lighting Steel Mesh Pendant Lamp: 7 swatches.
-Cuba Armchair by Rodigo Ohtake: 16 swatches.
-Feather Chair: 20 swatches.
-House of Pondo Door With Square Knob Frame (functional arch, fits medium walls): 17 swatches.
-House of Pondo Door With Square Knob (fits medium walls) : 17 swatches.
This door is decorative only, and it is intended to be used with the house of pondo frame, however, if you do not wish to use it in conjunction with the frame you do not have to)
-Kelly Wearstler Chalon Coffee Table: 17 swatches.
-Kelly Wearstler Morro Coffee Table: 10 swatches.
-Kelly Wearstler Tephra Totem Sculpture: 6 swatches.
-Kooku Design Rugs : 34 swatches.
-Kooku Design Triple Console: 10 swatches.
-Kooku Design Triple Bench (only sits two sims and requires dine out to show up): 10 swatches.
-Kreoo Gong Sink: 14 swatches.
Sink is functional in game, however, due to the latest update there seems to be a glitch with sinks in general where sims do not respond to the “get water” command)
-Yelahanka Ceiling Light: 10 swatches.


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