Advent Calendar Plus Set



Published January 4, 2021

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-AC Apparatus Cloud 37 Chandelier: 2 swatches.
-AC Candle Holder Pinecones: 3 swatches.
-AC Curtains M : 15 swatches.
-AC Curtains S : 15 swatches.
-AC Curtains L : 15 swatches.
-AC Dying of Thirst Sculpture (conversion) : 13 swatches.
-AC Eichholtz Lindos Side Table L: 4 swatches.
-AC Eichholtz Lindos Side Table S: 4 swatches.
-AC Ferm Living Candle Brass Extinguisher: 10 swatches.
-AC Ferm Living Candle Holder : 10 swatches.(slotted so you can place the pinecones and candles on it)
-AC Ferm Living Candle (REQUIRES PERFECT PATIO): 1 swatch.
-AC Ferm Living Rugs : 10 swatches.
-AC Ferm Living Stone Matchbox: 10 swatches.
-AC Ferm Living Turn Chair: 26 swatches.
-AC Ferm Living Turn Sofa: 26 swatches.
-AC Glass Vase I : 4 swatches.
-AC Glass Vase II : 4 swatches.
-AC Glass Vase Plant (conversion): 3 swatches.
-AC MON OOH Sideboard: 26 swatches.
-AC Moricio Table Lamp: 4 swatches.
-AC Rico Ottoman: 26 swatches.
-AC Vela 40 Coffee Table RD: 13 swatches.
-AC Vela 40 Coffee Table SQ: 13 swatches.


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