Kitchen Stuff 2

CREATED BY ArwenKaboom

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Kitchen Stuff 2 for The Sims 4

by ArwenKaboom

Available at The Sims Resource

Another kitchen set for your simmies to enjoy.
Mostly decorative set for the kitchen and it contains 16 objects.

Shelf has over 130 slots from large ones to small ones.
4 sets of plates that have their own assigned slots in the rack place on the shelf.
Hanger with hooks and three decor objects that fits it.
Inspirational mood pictures, cause cook lovers need it 🙂
Dish rack with two slots that correspond with plates number 4 and small rack with utensils.
Two cloths, one that hangs and other one goes on a counter.
Decorational EAT sign with some greenery.
And old grocery bag with plant.

Enjoy! ^^

ID: SC4-102176


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