Doki Doki Literature Club Uniform Top

The Nerd

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This is my first creation
i couldn’t find anything like this for the sims 4 so i made this

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  1. Char Worley

    Hey just wondering do you have a download for this, I would love to use it for my DDLC sims as I have been searching everywhere for this xx

  2. nebuladraws

    hi! i really like this shirt, but when i download it and put it in the sims 4, it does not work.
    even when i put it on adult, it still does not work.

    can somebody explain why?

  3. Max

    Why does it glitch out i love it sooooo much but it shows up red with question marks

  4. Monika

    not to be rude but you probably need to fix it. Its not working right, it glitches out and turns red and white checkered and with question marks.

  5. Mari

    I’d like to answer those questions up top. ^
    It does the same for me. But it has something to do with meshes. So, is there a link to a mesh for this?

  6. Oliver Campbell

    I’m uploading one that works right now

  7. Oliver Campbell

    • Admin

      Thank you for sharing this Oliver! We have redirected your old listing to the new page 🙂

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