The Sims 3 Woeford

Description: Whatever happened here happened some time ago. It’s a harsh but simple place, where sims have had to adapt, to be resourceful, to look after their own. Unaccustomed to strangers in Woeford, the locals could run you out of town, or worse, if they don’t like your face. They haven’t survived all this time, as well as they have, by taking risks. These sims have seen a lot, struggled to create a new existence for themselves, with what they had left. Where things go from here is up to you.

Creator: simsmidgen


Stuff Packs: Fast Lane

Custom Content: Yes (Included)

Store content: None

Populated: No

World file size: ca. 65 MB

Built on patch: 1.67

Additional information

World Population

Custom Content

Sims 3 Expansion Packs

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World Environment





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