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The Sims 3 Boroughsburgs – New York City World

Description: Boroughsburg is an up-and-coming neighborhood in New York City that straddles the delicate line between working-class industrial grittiness and rarefied hipsterdom. Enjoy spectacular views of Manhattan from the waterfront, while live music, outdoor markets and art shows brighten atmospheric cobblestone streets and factories being transformed into trendy lofts and offices.

Creator: Potato Ballad Sims

Stage: Complete


Custom Content: Yes (required), included in packages.

Store Content: Content from Riverview and the ticket machine + turnstiles from the Ticket to Entry set are included as a package.

Stuff Packs: None

From the Creator:

So I was never quite satisfied with the Maxis city worlds in the sims series, and wanted something that felt like somewhere. Boroughsburg is a mashup of New York City’s DUMBO, Williamsburg, Greenpoint, Long Island City, and Astoria- but is open enough that you can build whatever bit of New York you want in it. But more importantly, it’s the cumulation of around almost two years of work- and I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Why didn’t I choose a more ‘New-Yorky’ location? It’s because these parts of town are probably the more ‘neighbourhood-like’, meaning that you get a nice combination of quiet areas and busier ones that feel the most realistic in TS3- otherwise you run into the ‘empty-world syndrome’ that plagues many Sims 3 city worlds. On top of that, I find the inner boroughs more fascinating in their endless subtle adaptations for daily survival in the metropolis, more so than the played-up theatrics you often find on your typical New York itinerary 🙂

  • Compact medium city world, 69 lots + 2 lots for divers
  • Mostly empty world with deco shells- only core lots are finishedThis is called a ‘Let’s Build’ for a reason!
  • Should run smoothly on mid-high-tier computers.
  • Includes recolors & remeshes of the hot air balloon, train, police car, fire pickup, taxis, flags, moon, clouds and weather made specifically for a New York environment- if you want to see those in action, you will need to remove other replacement mods first.
  • Base game + LN spawners included.
  • Island Paradise compatible- docks and dive lots are provided.
  • A separate download includes an inspiration folder with some examples of buildings in each district, in case you were wondering what each district was inspired by (and what to build!). Also included is a map with world districts, appropriate addresses and lot sizes, along with sound emitter locations, sounds & offsets, if you want to replace those lots.
  • Installation instructions are included in the download folder. Please follow them carefully.

CC Notes

  • All custom-made CC is included in several packages. You must install them or else all you’ll get is an empty world!
  • Over two hundred new items made for this world, optimized for file size and game performance (with LODs). Some of them have been activated in the game catalogue since they’re also useful in many other situations. All in-game catalogue items have proper names and descriptions!
  • Further CC notes are located in the readme– note that two other mods are required (Buzzler’s Shell Emitter & Jynx’s Rabbitholes).

Expansions & Store Content

  • I tried to keep this pack to a minimum for expansions.
  • Late Night is required!
  • World Adventures is suggested– without it, you’ll miss out on the sounds that come with the subway train.
  • Content from Ambitions, University Life and Island Paradise is used, but the corresponding content packages have been included if you don’t have the expansions.
  • Content from Riverview and the ticket machine + turnstiles from the Ticket to Entry set are included as a package. Feel free to remove if you have the decrappified packages. The ticket machine is bugged and so you will need this Store Fix package.

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