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Sims 4 WooHoo Sex MOD by Jogre

Replace WooHoo by Jogre at Mod The Sims

Who Cares?
I do! Our Sims have a different word for sex (although I’ve never actually heard a sim say “WooHoo”). But given that everything in the meta-game/user interface is presented in our native languages, it does not make sense that sex is referred to as “WooHoo” on our end!

EA probably just wanted to keep the uptight critics off their case, understandably I guess…This game is already incredibly sexually suggestive, calling it what it is shouldn’t invite any scrutiny…The fact remains that Sims engage in sexual intercourse with each other. We don’t need to go into specifics, that’s what imagination (and adult mods) are for!

I have replaced all 62 strings inside the en_us strings table for “WooHoo” with either “Have Sex” (and it’s variants) or “Make Love” (and it’s variants).

I have taken care in ensuring the replacements are grammatically and syntactically correct. Replacements include “Make Love”, “Made Love”, “Lovemaking”, “Have Sex”, “Had Sex”, “Having Sex”, “Sexting” and of course, “Sex”.

This mod is now significantly more future-proof and will be compatible with other string replacement mods as long as they don’t touch any of the 62 entries containing “WooHoo”

This is a simple package installation, simply drop the file in your Sims 4 Mods Folder.

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