Pillow Talk After Woohoo



Pillow Talk After Woohoo by Shimrod101

This mod is updated to V2 with a fix for the sims moving instantly to the new posture at the beginning and end of these animations. Sims now slide into the new posture in plain view, so it looks more normal. Thanks to heidi137 for looking at my file and altering a ‘transition duration’ setting to a slower value, and suggesting different values for this (I’ve chosen the value used in the mod after testing various values/numbers.)

This mod shows five animations which were created for the game from the beginning, but which are not in use. The mod is not perfect as a gameplay mod, it’s designed solely to show sims doing these actions. The main screenshot shows the Pillow Talk animation, the others shown below are Whisper Secret, Tickle, Kiss, and Snuggle Nuzzle.


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