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The Sims 3 Los Aniegos -Island Paradise Edition

Description: A sprawling sun-soaked metropolis full of fame, fun and rush hour traffic. In a city with glitz and grit, people that talk and don’t walk, cheap cell phones and expensive gasoline, it’s up to you to decide who you are and what your story will be. Welcome to Los Aniegos.

Creator: Coasterboi

Stage: Complete

01-sims-3-world-adventures 02-sims-3-ambitions 03-sims-3-late-night 04-sims-3-generations 05-sims-3-pets 06-sims-3-showtime 07-sims-3-supernatural 08-sims-3-seasons 09-sims-3-university 09-sims-3-island-paradise

Custom Content: Optional Ferris Wheel (not required or included in download)

Store Content: Lucky Palms

Stuff Packs: None

See Coasterboi’s original post to find out more on the Sims 3 Forum. You may be interested in Red County also by Coasterboi if you don’t have many of the required expansion packs.

sims-3-los-aniegos-07sims-3-los-aniegos-main sims-3-los-aniegos-08 sims-3-los-aniegos-11 sims-3-los-aniegos-09 sims-3-los-aniegos-10 sims-3-los-aniegos-01 sims-3-los-aniegos-06 sims-3-los-aniegos-05 sims-3-los-aniegos-04 sims-3-los-aniegos-02 sims-3-los-aniegos-03 sims-3-los-aniegos-12 sims-3-los-aniegos-21 sims-3-los-aniegos-20 sims-3-los-aniegos-19 sims-3-los-aniegos-18 sims-3-los-aniegos-17 sims-3-los-aniegos-16 sims-3-los-aniegos-15 sims-3-los-aniegos-14 sims-3-los-aniegos-13 sims-3-los-aniegos-29 sims-3-los-aniegos-28 sims-3-los-aniegos-27 sims-3-los-aniegos-26 sims-3-los-aniegos-25 sims-3-los-aniegos-24 sims-3-los-aniegos-23 sims-3-los-aniegos-22

See Coasterboi’s original post to find out more on the Sims 3 Forum. You may be interested in Red County also by Coasterboi if you don’t have many of the required expansion packs.

Additional Information

Sims 3 Expansion Packs

World Adventures, Ambitions, Late Night, Generations, Pets, Showtime, Supernatural, Seasons, University Life, Island Paradise


  1. :

    Would this world work without generations and world adventures?

    • :

      Hi Miki,

      It will work without Generations, however World Adventures is required as the world uses a lot of content from that EP in the landscaping. You can still buy the EPs quite cheaply now on Amazon :)

  2. :

    Does anyone have an alternative link to download this world?

  3. :

    Houseboats are unusable due to improper port placement.
    Most of the buisiness and gym buildings in the downtown area are causing route issues, till you pack them up, and put again in the world (unsure why this happens).
    Way too many npcs, clogs down performance even more.
    Make sure to grab the proprietor mark from mts, to fix another showtime related lag.
    The apartment buildings are also kinda problematic, from time to time.
    Some odd placement of street lights here, and there (put in the middle of intersection).
    Overall it’s a great world, but it requieres a lot of tweaking to make it run decently.
    The earlier editions were better, more polished and way less problematic.
    I hope that author will make one final version someday, this time properly tested, unlike that Angel City garbage, which lost most of the charm and was missing even such basic building as graveyard.

  4. :

    Thanks! This world is amazing and I love your work! I play this town almost every time im doing my LP’s . You guys should diffidently check out Life Simmer!

  5. :

    can download this world with only pets, seasons and generations ?

  6. :

    can i download this world with only pets, seasons and generations ?

  7. :

    This is a great town! It’s really laggy, but I play it a lot & just try to deal, because I like the town so much!!!

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