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The Sims 3 Dubai by Nilxis

Description: Replica of the city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for the Sims 3.

Creator: Nilxis – See more worlds by Nilxis.

Stage: Complete

Custom Content: Yes

“I guess many of you don’t know it, but in 2011, when I still was learning how to use CAW, I started a huge project: a recreation of the city of Dubai. It was going well, but maybe it was too big for me so I lost the interest in continuing and I uploaded the files in case someone wanted to continue the project. Some time ago Ulises took the challenge: he has created many wonderful new buildings and has improved the city layout and many of the things I left. Today this world is finished so I’m proud and happy to share it with you.” – Nilxis

This world is only available in Spanish. Find out more and download at Nilxis Design’s Tumblr page.



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    On the Tumblr page it says the world is available in spanish? Is there any time frame or at all will the world will be in english?

  2. :

    Hi Meghan,

    The best person to ask would be Nilxis, you can contact him here:

    All the best :)

  3. :

    This world looks so perfect! I love all of Nilxis’s work, they’re always everything I wish the EA worlds were – realistic! x

  4. :

    Do I need any expansion packs?

  5. :

    I remember when I wanted to do this after learning about Dubai…. I can understand what this person meant when they said it was too big to tackle. I’m glad that someone was successful in doing and completing it ^^

  6. :

    Very Good! Do it Vienna Austria Please!!

  7. :

    I live abroad. This city is my dream. I want download it!

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