Deadly Toddlers Mod

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Sims 4 Deadly Toddlers Murder Mod

Unleash The Inner Beasts Within Your Toddlers
Kill & Burn Down Sims & Their Homes Using Different Aggressive Interactions

  • This is a custom script mod so it shouldn’t conflict with any other mods or override in-game Interactions/Animation
  • Interactions are 0% autonomous and Your toddlers will never perform them without user direction
  • “Deadly Toddlers” Mod contains 8 new interactions “Explained Down Below In The “Available Interactions” Tab”
  • This mod adds new “Buffs”
  • This mod contains new custom animations
  • Custom animations include sounds/voices/effects/lip syncing
  • Blood will come out of the sim’s stabbed area & will have a stab wound once stabbed & toddlers will become bloody
  • You can kill whoever You want whenever You want “Except for the grim reaper because that would make all dead sims stuck”
  • Your toddler will enjoy killing other sims & instead of mourning or panicking they will clap happily
  • Toddlers who performed a mischief interaction will occasionally Twitch/Look At Bloody Knife/Ignite A Flameball until the assigned buff is over
  • This Mod doesn’t require any additional packs & works with “BASE GAME”
  • Sims will react to the events in different ways according to the situation & will run away from the deadly toddler after performing any mischief interactions

  • You will find The Interactions in the “Mean” category when clicking on a target sim & on the toddler when clicking on self & on the ground when clicking on terrain
  • You can only kill Teens –> Elders only using the stab interactions but kids can die if they catch on fire
  • All the interactions are non autonomous & Your sim will not perform them if You don’t ask them to do it.
  • If Your toddler is wearing “Glasses” they will be taken off while any of the “Stab Interactions” are running but will be put back on once the interaction is over



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