2016 Sunset Valley



Product Description

“8 years after Sunset Valley was built, The mayor wants to make Sunset Valley becomes a metropolitan city…he develops all the buildings and it infrastructure. in order to attract more residence, he built diving spot, laundromat, train station, and etc…some people from other country, move in to this city with their culture and style…there’s many adventures and stories waiting for you !! Are you ready to kick it ??”

World Stat:
Layout : Sims 3 CAW Sunset Valley (Blank)
Size : Same like Sunset Valley
Scenery : Beach, City, Hill, Chinese Village

World Requirements:
Expansion Pack : All
Stuff Pack : None
Custom Content : None

What’s in this world ?
– Chinese Village replace fishing spot on the right edge of sunset valley
– Luxury hill houses added on the hill, left side of the beach
– Houses become high rise building
– Big diving spot
– Campus area that help you gain some simoleons
– Metropolitan scenery for sunset valley

*Caution: i just realized that this world has all workplace for career and profession but for Science Career…If it doesn’t bother you, you good to go !!

Additional Information

Custom Content


Sims 3 Expansion Packs

World Adventures, Ambitions, Late Night, Generations, Pets, Showtime, Supernatural, Seasons, University Life, Island Paradise, Into the Future


  1. :

    if i don’t have 2 or 3 expansion pack… am i can download this ?

  2. :

    You must have all EP to get this world because it contains almost all feature that each EP has…except for into the future, pets, and supernatural, if you dont have them, i think this world can still runs in your PC because they have minor features in this world… hope that helps !! :D

  3. :

    Is this world populated?

  4. :

    Its unpopulated, i don’t know how to do it yet LOL…but in the 3rd generation, it will be many NPC in the town :D

  5. :

    Does it have all Expansion Pack Lots?

  6. :

    Does it have all Expansion Pack Lots? :D

  7. :

    Thank you so much for this AMAZING remake of a timeless classic. I am actually glad that it is unpopulated as I simply cannot fathom having to deal with updating everyone’s closets!

  8. :

    @ShadyBlu glad you like itt !! Enjoy the world and Happy Simming !! :DD

  9. :

    I have all EP’s except for supernatural. Will it still work?

  10. :

    Will you be populating the town? I’m really looking for a town with some supernatural townies. I am currently playing in Bridgeport and it only has vampire and I don’t like the world that came with Supernatural… I really want a world that includes fairies, witches, vampires, werewolves, genies, etc.

  11. :

    Where do I go to download the world? When I click the download link it just leads me to your blog

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